1st clomid sono- what to expect?
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ColleenD - June 5

Okay, I'm confused. Anyone know the difference between an ultrasound & sonogram? I think my Dr. said ultrasound, but people on this site seem to say sonogram. Is there a difference? I just got a call reminding me of my appointment-Like I could forget!!!! I go in tomorrow morning and was just nevous about what to expect. Anyone have any suggestions or info on what to expect? What kind of shot was she talking about giving me? What size follicles is she looking for? When should we BD? Anything else??? Thanks- you are all so supportive on this crazy ride!!! Blessing to all!


Mega - June 5

Hi Colleen, my fellow Buckeye. A sonogram is just another type of u/s, as I understand it. Might be a fancier type, I don't know, but basically the terms are used interchangeably. Different drs might use different terms, just like they vary a lot in their treatment paths too. Most REs consider a follie mature when it's at least 17 to 20 mm in size. Some like to see follies around 22 mm. The shot your dr was referring to would be a trigger shot. The dr will direct you when to do the trigger shot based on follie size. You tend to O about 36 hrs after the trigger shot so time your BD around that time frame. The trigger contains HCG, the pregnancy hormone, & it usually takes 10 days to fully get out of your system so don't do a HPT til after that to avoid a false +. Hope this helps. Good luck tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about how big your follies are.


ColleenD - June 5

Mega- Thanks for all the info! I just got done asking you about that on the OH post. I feel better knowing a little more of what is going on. You really know your stuff!!! I hope this time is it for you!! I worry about my follie size because ever since I went off BC about three years ago, I have had spotting problems. I spot about 5 days before AF and 4 days after. With all that, AF was lasting half of my 28 day cycle. My thyroid was screwed up and when that straightened up the spotting got lighter. I am still having it 5 days before. The thing is that my OBGYN told me to start clomid on CD3 from the time of the first spotting. This means that I started Clomid before AF even really showed up. She showed up the day after I started Clomid. This was 2 days early. It only lasted about 2 & half days. Then nothing for a day, then spotting for a day. Places I checked on the Internet said that you should start Clomid without counting the spotting, but I went with what my dr. told me. Now I worry that I wasted a month on clomid. I started too early and my follies will be too small. I worry it will be another dissapointment tomorrow. Anyway, that is the main reason for my stress. Thanks a bunch for all of your help! Baby Dust****


soimpatient - June 5

Colleen, I wouldn't worry about starting clomid too early in your cycle. Some ladies start cd1! My doc told me to start on cd5...I don't really know why doctors start meds on different days, don't you think it should be standard? I think it is the clomid that makes your follicles mature so don't worry too much about it. Mega, I have to say, you are probably one of the most knowledgeable, helpful ladies on this board...I definitely think you're due for some special baby dust!


ColleenD - June 5

Hi Miss Impatient! I agree, Mega is sooo sweet and great about sharing her knowledge. I hope you both have great luck this month. You are both so helpful and supportive!! We must be on similar paths since we see eachother on several posts! Baby dust to all!!!!!!


Mega - June 6

Oh soimpatient, & Colleen--thank you. That's such a sweet thing to say. Er write. Impatient--we do post a lot together & I always find your posts supportive, too. Which is so needed. I've just been through a lot of the testing, treatment paths, etc. & I'm also a research nerd. I'm a nerd period. But I like helping when I can. Anyway, thanks for the special dust, I'm sprinkling a lot your alls' way too! So Colleen--how'd the sonogram go today? How do your follies look so far? Soimpatient--what's new with you?


ColleenD - June 6

Hi Girls!!! My appointment went great!! I asked her about the spotting thing again and she said to definately count the spotting. I had two larger follies on the right side. One 19mm and the other a little smaller. She said everything looks great and to come back tomorrow evening for the trigger shot!!!! Yeah! I know, don't get my hopes up, it may not work this time or ever, but atleast this part is good! Hope you both are great today.


soimpatient - June 6

I'm really happy for you colleen! so does 19mm mean that you are almost ready to O? How many days has it been since your last dose of clomid? Well, I survived my first night of hot/cold sweats...geez, I didn't know that was possible! :)


ColleenD - June 7

Sorry you had an uncomfortable night. It should subside with your last dose. I am 6 days past my last dose. Yep, the size means I should O soon. She wanted it just a little larger. She said they grow 2mm per day. By tomorow evening it should be around 22mm-just right. So she is giving me a trigger shot to make sure. She said to BD every other day starting tomorrow and ending Sunday. My OPK said no surge yet. You started clomid on day 5 right? I started day three. That is probably another reason you can wait until CD15 to go in. I really hope your night goes much better tonight. Good Luck & Blessings!!!


soimpatient - June 7

Hey colleen, Thanks for the encouragement! Do you have any thoughts as to why my doc would not have prescribed a trigger shot? I'm not very familiar with them and so I don't know which cases require them. So, Colleen, I guess it is looking like the clomid is working for you!!! That's awesome. Why did your doc prescribe clomid for you? Were your cycles irregular? Did he take blood? My doc gave me clomid because my cycles range from 40-60 days and he also did some blood tests and my progesterone was low so he said I am probably not ovulating. I've also had problems with cysts. Anyway, I am interested in your story cause it looks ilke clomid is working for you and I want to see if I have a chance for it to work on me:) I don't know why but the past couple of days my excitement has worn off. I am starting to get worried that clomid won't work and I will have to go through another month of heartache. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but it is hard to believe that these tiny pills could actally make you ovulate.


Mega - June 7

Good morning ladies. Colleen--Yay! Your follie sizes sound perfect. Good luck tonight with the trigger. That's nice that your dr's office will give you the trigger shot themselves. We always had to do it ourselves, actually I made DH do it for me. But it was good practice for when we switched to injectibles. So get busy with the BD! Impatient--hot/cold flashes. Yikes! Not the most pleasant s/e of Clomid. I had a hot flash or 2 at work my first month on Clomid. My coworker saw me fanning myself & said in a really loud voice, "You're having a hot flash. Maybe you're pregnant!" I guess she'd had several when she was pg with her 2 kids. Yeah, thanks for announcing that to everyone! So hang in there. As Colleen said that'll go away soon. My body quickly got used to Clomid & pretty soon I wasn't really getting any s/e on it. As for the trigger shot, drs vary, some like to prescribe it as insurance to make sure you release those follies. I never did the trigger shot when I was just taking Clomid to BD, but I did start triggering for the IUIs for timing purposes. Maybe you can ask your dr to prescribe one if not this cycle, maybe the next. Also to echo Colleen, since you started CD 5 on the Clomid, you'll most likely O later too, as my dr always said with most people the later you start Clomid the later you O, so I'm sure starting the monitoring at CD 15 is a good timeframe. Hang in there! What dose are you on? Most women respond to at least a higher dose of Clomid, if not the lowest dose.


Sara - June 7

Hi ladies, dh and I are starting IUI soon. Were just waiting for all our results to come back. DH was to get another sperm analysis done b/c they weren't happy with his motility. They said after 4 hrs it went down to 25% and it should be over 50%. I did take clomid for 6 months(50mg then 100mg) with no luck. It's looking like dh's swimmers are a little slow. I'm glad to be starting IUI. I hope everything works out well for everyone. Lots of babydust to all....


Sara - June 7

Mega, Colleen, impatient-can anyone give me any info on IUI or if have done it already? Thanks a bunch.


Mega - June 7

Hi Sara. I'm currently in the 2 ww after my 6th IUI. What do you want to know? It's a fairly quick procedure, a little crampy but not too painful. Usually the crampiness goes away after it's over. Unless you produce several follies, then the crampiness can persist a little longer, but that's most likely from the releasing of the eggs rather than the IUI itself. You then sit on the table afterwards for like 15 minutes & then you're free to go about your day. Before you get the actual IUI, your DH will go into a collection room to give a sample which they will then wash before inserting it into you via a catherter. I would imagine with the motility issue, it'll definitely give you improved odds of getting pg, it's pretty successful for minor to moderate male issues. The washing should get rid of a lot of the slower swimmers. My DH has morphology issues, so that's why we started with the IUIs to begin with. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Are you doing any ovulation drugs like Clomid with the IUI? Good luck!


BabyFever - June 7

Clould anyone tell me about Evening Primrose oil?


Mega - June 7

Hi Babyfever! I really don't know much on Evening Primrose. But I have read that it can help with EWCM, help you produce more of the fertile type of CM. Also you should only take it from AF til you O. If you're taking any kind of medicine like Clomid, I'd definitely talk to your dr first to make sure there aren't any interactions. HTH!


Sara - June 7

Hi Mega, I will be using Clomid with the IUI. Then on CD 11, I get another U/S done and give myself an injection that night then I go back on CD 13 to be inseminated. Is that what you did?



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