150mg of clomid and major discomfort
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jal239 - May 19

I am cuurently on cd16 after taking 150mg of clomid cd 3-10. These past two days my ovaries feel like the size of goolf balls. They ache when I walk (espically the right one). I am on vacation till the 21st but bro9ught some opk sticks with me. Yesterdays stick seemed to show the darkest surge line since I started testing on cd14. I was supposeto mhave an HSG test done the day before vacation but didn't b/c I hurt my back. Has anyone experienced this type pf discomfort on 150mg of Clomid. I ovulated in march w/ 100mg but miscarried at 5 wks so I didn't think my tubes are blocked. I am just very uncomfrtable and don't feel lie doing anything. Thanks everyone.


smp - May 20

I'm taking a lower dose than you and am on cd18 with severe pain at my left ovary. The only way I am comfortable is if I lay down flat. The night before my right one was very painful. So I am assuming that when we ov on clomid it could be a lot more noticeable than usual. Hope that helps. I have also been feeling very bloated and have nausea.



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