100mg clomid cycles?
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2blessed - May 17

Has anyone else been started on 100mg cycles of clomid? Have you had any of the side effects, like hot flashes or light headedness?


Mommy to be - May 17

I've been taking Clomid 100mg for the last 4 months. I don't get any side effects. Good luck to you.


pj - May 17

I am supposed to start clomid = 100, as soon as Af starts..........Af has still not shown up, CD44...but I would also be interested if any side effects are experience. I had almost none with 50 mg dosage


Mandi24 - May 17

i didnt have any side affects at all!!! i took the name brand clomid.. and no side affects.. good luck everyone.. i am on cd 11


Sara - May 17

Hi, I took Clomid 100mg for a few months. All I got from it was some abdominal discomfort b/c my ovaries where really working overtime. Other than that I didn't get any side effects from it.


Mandi24 - May 17

sara, did u get pregnant??


sheryl - May 17

I take 100mg and I have experienced hot flashes, dizzy spells, and pains in my ovaries. Kinda moody too. Hope this helps


Kelly - May 17

Hi guys I took Clomid 100mg days 3-7 and experienced very painful ovulation, sore boobs. mood swings and headache. All very similar to PMS. 3rd round of Clomid worked and I am now pregnant. Good Luck!!!


amanda0203 - May 18

i was on 100mg first month..got pregnant. about 5 weeks now. minimum bearable sideeffect days after taking pills no side effect when taking pill. my only side effect sligh hot flashes, slight nausea, tingling feeling right & left side before O. i took it at night to minimize sideeffect


pj - May 18

amanda0203 and Kelly congratulations...pass some baby dust on here also.. still no sign of Af..I really want to start my second cycle...and I wish Af would hurry up



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