what's the difference between fertility and ovulation
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LOIS - March 6

ANSWER MY QUESTION. I asked a question 2 weeks ago and didn't get and answer. I've emailed 4 times now and still no answer. I found a site that told me the following below and I'm confused.
3/1/06 1st day of your cycle
3/7/06 a little fertile
3/8/06 fertile
3/9/06 very fertile
3/10/06 Time to Ovulate
What is the difference between fertile and Ovulating? Dose Ovulate on the 10th means that's the best day to have sex and conceive? And dose fertile mean these are the days I can try to get pregnant? Please help me to learn when I should actually try to conceive to get pregnant. The day of my first period was March 1st and it last 6-7 days and then I have it again every 22-24 days. Can you please help me figure out when is the best time for me to get pregnant? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you


Pinky - March 6

Hi LOIS! I think you choose wrong section for question. Instead of "Helping for conception" you should choose "problem getting pregnant". Becsause that section is most likely for discuss. Anyway what is your cycle length? 22-24? and when is your first day of last period? march 1st? well ovulation is the procedure when you egg is released from the ovary. It's happens within few minutes. If sperms are present when your egg is release there is higher chances to get pregnant. second thing egg can fertilized only during first 12 hour after it's release from ovary. So U should have intercourse at least by the same time when u ovulate because sperms also need 7-12 hour to go inside and capatilized (procedure to get power for peneteration into egg). so, this is all about ovulation. "fertile" means 5 days before ovulation day. Before ovulation you get "mucus" (white stuff might apears on your penty) in your cervix and vagina. It's helps sperms to live in your body for 5 days. So, If you had intercouse during this 5 days period your chances are higher to get pregnant. Soo complecated hahaaa..well if you type "how to get pregnant" on google you will see so many webside and will read all this again and again than it will be simple. I suggest you to have intercourse from day-8 (starting from your first day of period) every other days and drink lot of water as much as you can..It's really help a lot to improve your quality of mucus which is good for sperms to servive in your body and travel inside fast. Good luck.



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