Just starting out-TTC
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Anite - August 29

We have just started trying to conceive this month.. Anyone, any suggestions?


D. - August 30

Chart!!! It's the single most important tool you can have. BUT...it can only tell you you ovulated AFTER the fact, so use some ovulation predictor kits (begin testing around the 11th day of your cycle). And get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". You're about to learn more about your body than you ever thought possible. Very empowering!! Good Luck!!


char - September 29

weve just started trying (a couple of months now) were taking the laid back approach and just letting nature take its course, even though im desprate for a baby, its all ican think about! my bfriend keeps taking the attitude of it will happen when it happens and stop being impatient, i just cant think of anything else.


R - September 29

Chart!! Chart!! Chart!! Chart!! Chart!! www.fertilityfriend.com


Lyn - October 21

Use ovulation predictor kits (not in the am, use at noon or later at the same time every day) starting 10 days after your period starts. BD "baby dance" every other day starting on day 10 too, and once you get a + on your OPK, then bd every day for 3 days! This worked for me the first time!! Watch your diet too. I cut out caffeine and drank more water. How old are you?


tj - October 23

I don't chart. But I do use opk's just so I have an idea of when I am about to ovulate. I think if you get too obsessed about it, it decreases your chances of conceiving. Relax, have fun together and bd every other day. Try to keep your stress low, and stop drinking. Good luck!


Angel - November 8

TJ is absolutely correct, charting isnt such a good idea if your starting out, it is recommended after TTC a year and over. OPK'sd are alright because they aren't used too much during ur cycle. Keep us updated. Ovulation predictor kits are available at most stores and have full instructions inside - even try ebay for discounted lots of them. I am currently selling some on ebay - check my user name for them - dj_kkz


Dingbat - February 9

Hey everyone.
I have been trying on and off and the last four months seriously with no results.
I have the Clear Blue Ov monitor and I have cut out caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, and anything that isnt a whole grain and still nothing. Anyone have any other tips?
Its killing me, everyone around me seems to be pregnant or has little ones. Its so hard when its all you think about but cant seem to make it happen.



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