How soon?
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Alianna - March 7

How soon do I need to go off of the pill if we'd like to start trying to have a baby after October of this year?


suzie - March 7

It's probably best to go off sooner rather than later. Everyone is different as to how long before their body gets back into a "normal" routine. Some people only take a month while other women need a year. Maybe go off in the summer so your body has a few months of medication free ovulation.


Amy - April 26

I agree, give it a few months minimum. For me it was 9mos to wear off after 12 yrs of use. Depo on the other hand seems to never wear off.


xoxo - June 20

it could take some time for your body to reset it's cycles. when i last got off from pills it took me almost 2 months to get a normal period. so the sooner you stop taking it, the sooner you get pregnant.


wishingstar - July 6

it really depends on each individual. but i know that if you're on pills for a long time, it could also be off your system for a long time.


tadz - July 25

i have friends who just got off BC pills and got pregnant not longer than 6 shouldn't worry because it's more easier to get pregnant after off pills.well atleast for some..



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