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Amy - December 7

If you started Clomid on days 3-7, whern did you see your surge. I am on day 17, first round of 50mgs, and still haven't seen 3 bars on my monitor, or are sticks better?


KellyN - December 7

I'm not sure, I think it is different for everyone. Your's for some reason is taking a while, though. Most women ovulate between 5-9 days after taking their last pill. That would put you a day beyond the norm. If still nothing in the next few days, you may want to consult with your doc.


Brie - December 9

Hi Amy,
I took 50 mg of clomid for 2 months and didn't ovulate either time. My new specialist told me that only 8% of women will ovulate on only 50mg. This month they put me on 100mg and I am ovulatiing right now. I took a clearblue easy ovulation test last night and got a smiley face (i like the digital better, than trying to decifer the lines). Today is CD 14. I went in for Ultrasound on tuesday and had a follicle. So I am right on scheudle. You may want to make sure you take a blood test to make sure you didn't ovulate. You can take the test on day 21. If you have to go into next month, ask if they will inscrease your dosage and make sure you get a v-scan around day 12 to see if you have a follicle. Good luck to you!


tiff - August 12

Hi Amy, I think u ovlaute it s just u can't see 3 bars on the monitor it happened to me and called them up but the machine gets confused with the substance is ur urine..


audreyh - October 22

My Dr said that you should see a surge between the 6-8 day after your last Clomid tab is taken. I'm on my first clycle with Clomid and saw my surge on the 6th day after the last pill. (I'm on 50mg days 2-6). Unfortunately since I wasn't expecting to ovulate so quickly, it occured on a Saturday so we weren't able to do IUI this month. I'm just using sticks to monitor the surge but I've found that some don't work as well. If you get no read at all try a different brand it might just be the sticks. Good luck!


hollyh - November 1

I had the same problem last month. I think the Clomid throws off the monitor because it tracks both estrogen/LH (it talks about this in the instruction booklet). My doctor just confirmed that today - if you add estradiol, it will throw it off even more. She said just to stick with the regular ovulation kits. Stinks cuz those monitors are expensive!


hem - December 11

hi, i took clomid 50 mg from days 5 - 9 and ovulated on cd 19.


iampg - December 20

i've just sarted my 3rd 100mg clomid. this month i'm taking it cd1-5 (i read that a study showed that for some women (perhaps those with a higher fsh) the success was 24%. i'll let you know how it goes. i'm also using a ferning microscope for the time ($15 from walmart) and self insemination with instead cups every other day for the entire cycle. dh is quite happy about that.



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