can i still be pregnant?
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jaylin - June 9

i had sex on all my fertile days and kept my hips on a pillow for over 30 mins.. and i was suppose to start my pepriod the 31 of this month and i started 6 days early.. and i know all about the implantion bleading.. but can implantational bleeding fool you as if it was a regular period.. because mine is like a regular period.. and my periods usually are regular and are alwasy on time so and i have been throwing up in the mornings alot and getting sick through out the day.. and i have been having cramping alot like i am about to start but i just quit bleading.. so does anyone think i could still be preg???? the bleeding was more brown and pink than red.. it would be heavy for a feww minutes then it would be really light.. i had amaybey 2 or three days of heavy not too heavy bleeding and then maybey three days of brown and pink spotting.. and my periods are usually exacty 5 days!!! please give me some advice!! could i be pregnant? could that have been my last period!


jaylyn - June 9

oh i was suppose to start may the 31st abut started 6 days early and i said i was suppose to start the 31st of this month sorry! and also i have taken 3 hpt from the dollar genaral for a dollar a peice and they were all neg could this be because they are cheap or is it because i am so small i only weigh 105 could i be to small to be detectin pregnancy hormones?


kc - June 10

Implantation bleeding is usually light pink to brown spotting and not heavy. I really hope you are pg but it sounds like to me you just started another cycle early. Just incase you are act like you are eat healthy, no smoking, drinking ect. and take vitamins. I would wait a week and test again. Best of luck to you.



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