Is it safe to get pregnant after HSG?
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nona - July 11

With al x-ray, is it safe to get pregnant after HSG?


aish - September 29

hi , i think they wont do hsg when u r pregnant as they do after u had periods like after 3 or 4 days after periods...before ur ovulation so that they wont harm any cute eggs which we have.....


Mega - September 30

Yes, it's safe to get pregnant after the HSG. And as Aish says, they usually make sure before you get the HSG test that you're not PG then. And on a brighter note, your chance of getting pg after a HSG is actually pretty high assuming your tubes are clear. One theory is it "clears the cob webs out." LOL! That image cracks me up. A lot of women have had a BFP anywhere from 1 to 3 months after their HSG. I'm still waiting to fall into that category. Good luck!


Mindy1 - December 29

what is HSG?



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