Why Then Its Not Safe?
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mini - July 3

Most of us we know that the most fertile days every cycle is just 6 approx!!! Why then is not safe if you have sex anyother day of your month if you know when you are ovulating? I dont know if anyone else can undertant what i mean.....HELP


Drew - July 4

You mean your supposed to have sex only while ovulating? Or are you talking about reading your cycle for birth control? Sorry, I don't understand. :)


mini - July 4

I mean you can avoid have sex the ovulation days and all the other days is supposed to be safe.......what do you think?


Drew - July 4

Well, in theory thats right. But, some women are incredibly fertile and get pregnant no matter what time of the month it is. It's not a very reliable form of birth control.


Suzan - July 4

What are the 6 unsafe days?


kc - July 4

90% of women ovulate between day 11and day 16. However, a very good friend was abstaining from sex from day 8 to day 18 and to prevent pregnancy and still got pregnant. I would use an alternative method until you chart your cycles for several months and then go see a doctor with your charting and get an opinion from him. Natural charting methods are only 85% accurate since every woman even if very routine will still ovulate early or late some months. I hope this helps.


Lena - July 5

Its possible to double ovulate with the second egg being released 2-5 days after the first.



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