why she has to lie ?
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evy - June 29

ok im so sad and angry at my best friend ! i know her like 10 years and she moved to uk few months ago and when she was here DRs told her that she and boyfriend have unknown inferitility and they wont be able to have childeren . they even tried 3 times IVF and didnt work ! NOW she called me yesterday (she knows that me and dh are TTC) and she say she got pg! i just cant believe her , i feel she say that just to p.....s me off !ps; telling me that how nice is to be pg and that her boyfriend giving her more attention and ...... WHY WHY somebody has to lie ., im sorry for all this blabla , im just very upset ....


Kayanna - June 29

maybe she really is pg or it maybe a cry for attention dont let it bother you she may be jealous that you and your dh are trying to and will eventaully concieve while she has been told she cant. that green eyed monster is a b**ch so calm down dont let yourself get stressed tahts not good for a woman trying to concieve.. ahh it just came to me next time she calls you can mention how the 2 of you guys kids can be friends like ya'll are mess with her head a little good luck and bunches of bady dust



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