when should we try to conceive?
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Kara - October 18

I went to a website called babyhopes.com and it asked me when the first day of my last period was, which is oct.10th, it says my most fertile days are oct. 19-21, then it says I'll ovulate after that . I thought I could only get pregnant during ovulation, so why or how am I most fertile 4 days before I'm due to ovulate? I'm so confused, I feel like I'm a grown woman I should know this stuff, and I just feel like trying to conceive a baby is rocket science or something. please anyone , somebody help me out here. sincerely, Kara


Lashunda - October 18

Hi Kara, my last period started on the 10th as well and those are the days that I am supposed to O as well. What I would do is BD every other day from now on, they say BD everyday can cause a low sperm count so BD every other day should do the job. I know how you feel, its all confusing. I've been trying for a total of 3 yrs with 2 m/c in the process. I already have a 5 yrs. old daughter but we are ready for another. If you need somebody to talk to, I'll be on here alot. Good luck and babydust++++


sm - October 18

hi Lashunda, can I join?
I m like u, I have a 5yrs old boy & now, ready for the 2nd & we didnt know tat it has to be that difficult to have the the 2nd. We've been ttc for 9 mths & still trying. My af cycles have gone irregular & the latest I had was 35CD. I am using this to predict my ovu date fr the online tool. Do u think it is safe to use this since I have been irregular?


T - October 18

That site is just a reference. You should look for other signs for O. Like cm and use opk's. If your dh has normal sperm counts, you can do it everyday. And sperm can live for about 3 days, that is why you can do it before you o and have results.


Kara - October 18

Thank you for the input. I didn't know sperm could live for 3 days. So basically my most fertile time is 3 days before I ovulate. I hope I'm understanding this right. We are trying to make our first baby. We've been married for 2 1/2 years and my husband was ready to make babies on our honeymoon !!!! I just wanted to wait a little bit and enjoy being married first.I would've started earlier if I knew it was this complicated. I have 1 last dumb question, I am new to this web site/forum and I understand most of the lingo but what do you mean by " bd every other day "?? thanks, Kara


Mega - October 18

Hi Kara! "BD everyother day" just means to have sex every other day. That's not a dumb question. It takes time to learn the lingo. I swear it's like learning a foreign language, this whole TTC thing. Craziness! Good luck! I'm working on my 1st too, it's been over a year already. My DH & I did start trying on our honeymoon! Like you though, I had no idea it was this complicated either. Go figure. Baby dust!!!


Lashunda - October 18

Hi ladies, Kara, I know how you feel about these abbr. There was one lady that put up all of the abbr. words but I couldn't remember them all. I got used to the ones that are used often on this site. Anywayz, Hi SM, with my second pregnancy, we weren't trying, it was just a surprise, but the third, we were trying and it didn't really take long because my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. As far as the online, I agree with T, its just an estimate. Since you are irregular, it might be best is you got an O kit.


Kara - October 18

Can I just say thank you, thank you , thank you. I feel sooo much better knowing there are other people out there to talk to. I was sitting here searching for a site where I could talk to real people and get their input , rather than visit medical websites that use charts and medical jargin, I speak English for crying out loud. Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing all of our journey's together. Good luck to all. Sincerely, Kara


T - October 18

Kara, feel free to ask any question. With everyone seeing different specialists, there is a lot of knowledge on this site.



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