What to expect after 1st round of Clomid
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ROBYN - April 2

I go to my RE on 4/3 which will be CD12. They said they will be doing at U/S and some blood work (as usual)!!! What am I to be expecting since I finished my 1st round 5 days ago 50 mg. What are they actually looking for in the ultrasound and usually what do they recommend after this step? Thanks


JENZEY - April 2

Hi Robyn, I have an appt. 4/3 also. It will be cd13 for me. I finished my 2nd cycle of Clomid. The ultrasound is to see if & how you are responding to the Clomid. Last month I had one follicle & they were able to tell me I would be ovulating & when. They can also see if your lining is thick enough. As for the bloodwork, I don't know what that is for, They don't ask me for any blood work till 1 week after ovulation. They then do a progesterine test to verify that you did ovulate. Goodluck & baydust*~*~*~*~Jen


TL - April 17

Hi ladies.
I just had my cd 10 U/S today and I took Clomid 50mg cd 3-7.
I was surprised when they found 3 big ones on left ovary and 4 big ones on right ovary. They need to be in the 18-20mm range before triggering O with the HCG shot. I am so freaked out about the shot, but DF is going to do it for me.
This will be our first IUI.
Good luck and baby dust to you ladies :)



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