want to start iui support group
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leahb5 - November 12

is anyone going through iui and want to chat. i'm starting in jan. and need some info.ttc for 2years and still positive. how long does the process take and does anyone have any sucsess stories


thayward7 - November 12

Hi Leah! You are welcome to join us on IUI and Sperm Donor 6 - even if you aren't using a donor, we are all going thorough IUI - lots of support there! Smiles and Babydust...T


Tink - November 13

Hey there, i've had 3 IUIs. the process itself is simple. It will depend on what your RE decides for your course of treatment as far as drugs. I did 2 IUIs with clomid. the first with 100mg and the second with 50mg. You will usually go in the first week of your cycle and they'll do a vaginal ultrasound (putting the wand inside to see). it is similar feeling to a pap kind of. not painful for me. they will make sure you are all clear and a go for the cycle, ensuring you have no cysts etc. If it's a go, he will probably start you on clomid for 4-5 days. i did mine CD 5-9. just take the pill each morning. i had bad side effects- headaches, hot flashes, stomach issues, bloating and weight gain. Then usually around CD10 or so, i would go in for another u/s to monitor how many follicles i had and if they were growing at all. I would usually go back every other day for an u/s to check progress of the follicle growth. They will tell you how many you have and the size. they want them to be i think at least 18-25mm to be 'mature' and ready for IUI/ovulation. i had 7 mature follies both clomid cycles. which is a high response. that meant i could release 7 eggs. not every follie releases an egg per say though. only 4 of my 7 released eggs. i went on CD12 for another u/s and that is when they saw the 7 mature follies and knew we were ready to go. I did however, have poor lining- my uterine lining wasn't thick enough to support an embryo, so they gave me a vaginal suppository called estrace to thicken it overngiht. it did. clomid thins your lining, that is the one bad side effect of it. so i did a trigger shot at home that night. you give it to yourself. it will trigger ovulation within about 36 hours. so i went back 36 hours later (in the am) for the IUI. i dropped off hubby's sperm sample for washing at 8am and then went back at 10am for the procedure. it is similar to a pap again. legs up etc....they put a small tube into your cervix and 'inject' the sperm directly there. You might have some mild cramping afterwards or spotting, but my first 2 were pain free. this last one i did have severe cramping (but it was with shots, not clomid). i went in the next morning for another u/s to see if i did in fact ovulate. this isn't required, but if you insurance covers it, they like to do it. that is when they saw that only 4 of the 7 follicles released eggs. Then a week after the IUI, i went in for a progesterone check to ensure my levels were good. Then a week after that (2 weeks post IUI), i tested at home. I got a BFN both clomid cycles. I am waiting to test this Friday for my first injectable cycle.

The injectable cycle went the same way basiclaly, but instead of clomid, i injected myself for 5 nights with follistim, it won't thin my lining and produces better quality eggs. i did a low dose and had 3 mature eggs. so i am in the 1WW now! the IUI process is time consuming. i had to miss some work for it. but luckily my RE, one of the top 10 in the nation is one block from my house in north dallas. so i would stop by in the am before heading to work. the IUI itself was painless and took literally a few minutes. htey had me lay on the table for 10 min afterwards. nothing 'leaked' out and won't, other than cervical mucus. hope that helps



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