Wanna join me TTC 1rst Continued !!
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eb - December 4

Hope you find the new thread Jamie.


JamieLynne - December 5

I am hanging in there. Just taking things day by day. I just had two moles removed off my back yesterday so I am a little sore. I have eight stitches.... other than that nothing is new. We go to counseling tomorrow night. I will let you know how that goes. Glad to hear things are better for you. Are you all ready for Christmas? I just did my first shopping last night - online!! Talk to you soon!


eb - December 5

Hi, Hope your feel better soon. I put my tree up last night, and i've started shopping, but i'm no where near finished. Dh leaves tomorrow night, i'm dreading that, but he'll be home on the 21rst , just in time for Christmas. Nothing new with me. I haven't tried to figure out where i am in my cycle, cuz i'm not even sure i've had one. I guess i'll start that when my next af arrives. I hope our timing isn't messed up with dh time home...


star_4_baby - December 6

Hi ladies i have just discovered this site recently and i am surprised with the amount of support you all give to each other i am ttc recently.....I hope you dont mind me joining this thread


eb - December 6

Hi Star, Anyone is welcome. Jamie and I have been each others support for well over a year now. You'd swear we were best friends, we've just never met. (LOL) !! I've been ttc for about 21/2 3 years now. I was recently pg and had to have a d and c at 11 weeks b/c the baby lost its heartbeat, very heartbreaking for me. So, now i'm just waiting for my body to get back to normal and go from there. How about you?? Jamie, I hope the counceling goes well for you tonight. I have often wondered if I didn't need to seek someone out to talk to , but it's not affordable to us right now. Let me know how your doing. This is supposed to be a happy time of year and I'm having such a hard time getting into the spirit. I wish I could though...


JamieLynne - December 7

eb - For me the holidays are keeping my mind off of ttc. I absolutely love this time of year and am trying to enjoy it even more this year. Counseling went well - I think the counseling opens up so many new venues of conversation that would otherwise not take place between dh and I. I too would probably not be going if it wasn't for my insurance covering it. Star-4-baby - Welcome!! you are more than welcome to join us. Like eb said - we have been each others support for well over a year now. I have been ttc as long as eb and had a early m/c in July. Right now dh and I are taking a couple of months off to try and get our relationship back on track - this ttc has really taken a toll on our relationship. Tell us about yourself!! Eb - I am probably going to put my tree and outside lights out sometime next week. Right now it is 16 degrees out and way too cold. We finally have a few inches of snow as well. Hopefully we will have a white Christmas!!


eb - December 8

Hi Jamie, glad the counceling went well. Dh left last night and will be home on the 21rst, it's going to be a long couple of weeks. He called earlier and said he thought he got the promotion he's been waiting for , so that was very exciting news. I called and made an appt to preregister for college today. it seems so weird to go back after all this time. I really want to finish my degree so I can teach locally. I am so tired of the drive and with gas prices continuing to rise, i'll be better off in the long run. Plus I think I just needed a break. I love teaching , but with ttc and the miscarriage. It was just to hard to go back right now. It is supposed to be very cold here the next few days in the low 20's and teens. W e very rarely see snow . It's to humid here to stick... Talk to you soon. Have a great weekend. :)


star_4_baby - December 8

hi eb sorry about the baby loss its nice to know thatyou two are a support for eachother i know sometime its difficult to talk to some one who is infront of you....i am ttc and dr told me the reson that i am not concieving is because my periods are not regular.......im 27 and with my case i have been told to have a baby before 30.......my hubby keeps telling me not to worry it will happens when it will...but i often wonder how long i have to waite


star_4_baby - December 8

Thanks a lot jamie and eb for a warm wellcome.....baby dust


eb - December 8

Hi Star, well Jamie and I are both 27 too, so you'll fit right in with us.


eb - December 11

Hi Jamie, and star, Hope you had nice weekends. Mine was quiet and kinda lonely. My mom is coming in tomorrow for a few days. Hopefully next weekend I can get finished Christmas shopping. Talk to you soon.


star_4_baby - December 12

Hi jamie and eb...hope your xmass shopping went well but i am here shopping for my friends and cousins new born babies.....ohhh that makes me soo depressed i know i shouldnt be thinking like that but there are hell lot of babies happening in my family even the one who got married dec last year..i am married for 6 years now but it had been 3months since i have started trying for baby.dr told me that my harmones bit messed up which caused my periods to become irragular.....
with my busy life style i never thought of a baby before but now i am so desperate and i know its bad i should have patience...when i was shopping last week i saw a beautifull baby suit which i bought for myself i know i shouldnt have as my mom told me long time ago that its not good to do something like this....it felt nice and bit sad to buy it for the baby i dont have.....my hubby dont know about it...i am sure he will get upset......rest is good..has to go to a dr for further examination.....good luck


eb - December 13

Hi Jamie, and Star, I'm doing really well. I went in for my final follow up post d and c this morning my gyn said everything looked good, and we could try again when we are ready, which i guess means now since we don't use birth control. I hope it doesn't take as long this time, but I'm going to try to relax and not solely concentrate on that b/c that's when it seemed to happen, and dh and i get along sooo much better this way. He wants a baby as much as me but, timed bding and ect wasn't for us. I may try using opk's when i get af just to see if i'm o'ing again. My gyn didn't seem to think i'd need to see fertility dr right now since it happened naturally. So, we'll see.How's everything going with ya'll? I still have tons of shopping left to do. Jamie almost time for Christmas break. I know you're ready.. I hope you get that white Christmas. We just hope it's cold here. It's almost 70 outside today(LOL) Other than that nothing new with me. I'm anxiously awaiting af since I have no clue when to expect her and that can be embarassing. Talk to you soon.


eb - December 14

Hi girls, just checking on ya! Hope ya'll are doing well. I'm lonesome and will be very glad when dh comes home in a week. Still no af, have been having cramps and lower back ache maybe shes coming.


eb - December 15

The signs were right. Af just arrived. Yeah things are working again, and it's ok to try agan and it should be great timing with dh schedule home.


star_4_baby - December 15

hi girls got very busy but today i am home and bored....hubby at work and i have plenty of time in my hand today.....and eb its good to keep trying naturally because it took my pal 4 years to concieve she never got herself checked or taken any fertility treatment....well last month i had my period on 14th but now still no sign of it...anyway i never get them on time....good luck guys will post soon.


eb - December 16

Hi Jamie and star. Star, I had a lap done in sept 05 b/c of blocked tubes, fer spe corrected that and i saw him and di fert meds up until may of this year and then needed a break b/c it was causing so much stress and problems with me and dh. Then i got pg in sept, so hopefully it will happen again on its own and not take 3 years LOL. Jamie, hope youre ok, haven't heard from you. I'm sure you've been very busy at school and with dh. Let me know how your doin.. Hope you guys have a great weekend.



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