Trying to get pregnant and having many problems
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Teresa - April 4

I am new to this website and was reading some of the questions and could not believe how many people out there have the same problems as I do. You always feel like you are alone. I am 38 years old, was diagnosed with POS 3 years ago and have been taking Provera. Had my right ovary removed in 2004 along with a ovarian cycst. Average 3-4 normal periods each year. Last June-July I was so excited when I had my own cycle w/o the provera. August came and no period took a test about a week after it was late and it was negative so I thought no more of it, then took a test in early sept and it was positive. My husband and me was so excited, then a week later I started spotting and 3 days later I was at the ER and had a miscarriage at six weeks. I am devasted. Not only am I frustrated w/not getting pregnant but with these absent periods too. Any advice?



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