Trouble with getting pregnant
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Deana611 - March 21

Hi, I'm 28 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for several months now. We have been disappointed every month. My Dr. is talking about putting me on Clomid. I don't really feel comfortable. I was wondering if it really works?


sososleepy - March 22

Hi Deana. Are you charting bbt, checking cm or cp, or using LH tests to figure out when you O?


Deana611 - March 22

I have no clue what bbt, cm cp or lh means.


Girlie - March 22

Hi ladies, l have been ttc for over 2yrs however DH suffers low sperm count. What can we do?


cbella - March 23

Hi is basal body temp (taking your temp when you wake up every morning), cm and cp are cervical mucus and position. An LH test is an okp (ovulation predictor kit) that you can buy in the store, usually next to the pg tests. You usually pee in a cup or on a stick until you see an indicator that ovulation is near-then you bd (baby dance) like crazy!!! :) There is a great book that explains it all...taking charge of your fertility by toni weischler (sp?) You can google bbt or ttc and come up with lots of websites-even online charting sites like I am 25 and have been ttc for a year, since an ectopic pg last year. My dr put me on clomid in Jan b/c I don't always o on my own. I was very hesitant about going on meds, but it obviously wasn't working on my own. Thanks to the clomid, I have o'ed for 2 cycles in a row and am currently in the tww (two week wait). Hopefully this is it!! Lots of women get pg with the clomid, but there are also many who don't. It's totally up to the individual...good luck to you!


cbella - March 23 you chart your bbt or use opks? It might be a good idea to really nail down when you o and save up dh's swimmers for that time only. I don't have much experience with that (seeing as the problem has been all me) but from what I've read that makes sense to me! Good luck!



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