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Amanda - March 29

What do I do if I don't start my period and I am not pg, what if it was just stress or something? How am I going to be able to calculate my ovulation to try next month???


luna - March 29

If your period is late because of stress or something then your period will arrive. This may sound strange but one month a yr for as long as I can remember my period was always late. This may sound mad but it was only late once in a yr. Then my cycle was 28 days to the dot. Stop beating your self up. How long have you been trying. the more you worry the more stressed your going to get. If you period dosen't arrive still and you not pg then count your ovulation as normal but add 5 days as though you've had a period and see how you go. That the best I can say sorry, but I'm not a doc.



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