This is getting nerve racking...
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d - October 4

month after month i get af. as every month goes by i start to lose all hope.. i am starting to think of it as the curse.. i should have noticed that getting af on my wedding day was a jinx.. i am trying to keep some kind of hope up. any advice besides stop trying?


me - October 4

I don't believe in jinx, but I know it is frustrating :) I have been trying for 8 months only to notice that I get no temp rise on my chart, month after month, which means I am not ovulating. If you have been charting for at least 6 months and have not gotten pregnant, I would go to an RE to see what is going on. In my opinion, it is better to do it sooner than later. I wouldn't try anything that is not approved by the FDA, like Ovulex or anything. Granted, I understand and feel for the women that they will try anything to get pregnant, but it may mess up your cycles so badly that the RE won't be able to help! Don't give up hope! It will happen! Stay strong. Stay positive. Try to enjoy sex and enjoy spending that time with your hubby. Eventually it won't be the two fo you anymore :)


d - October 4



r - October 4

go and see gynec .. as i did


d - October 4

I did. starting to wonder on a getting a 2nd opin... mine said i am fine. he said I am very healthy and everything is normal. that was the last visit 4 months ago..


obeone - October 4

The curse of the mummy..u need to lift the curse.


.. - October 4

When you went to the Dr did they run any type of tests ? I diagnosis of "you are fine and healthy" doesnt mean anything. Start with blood tests, hormone tests, hsg tests, and semen testing on your dh. You need to start ruling things out if you have been ttc for awhile. Good luck!



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