temp and ovulation?pls. help
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miranda - September 18

Yesterday i had a big dip in my temps (96.8) last night my 1 yr old son was up all night and i didnt get more than an hour sleep . i took my temp at the normal time even with no sleep and it was back in the normal ranges 97.5. then without getting up i fell asleep for almost 3 hours and took it again at 9:50 when i woke up . it was then 98.1....which is more accurate due to the sleep situation last night? any help would be greatly appreciated...


me - September 19

Were you due to O? If it were me, I would annotate it on my chart and put the kind of circumstances were around when taking it. One crazy temp shouldn't matter much. It is the pattern and sustained increase that does. If you wre up when you took the temp without sleep, then I would not say it is accurate. See how it is the next day and compare. If it stayed closer to one of the crazy temps, then that is what I would say it was. Hope I am not too confusing. Good luck!


miranda - September 19

thank you for replying...i noted the situation on my chart...i got a pos opk this morning so i should be o'ing today.


me - September 20

YAY! Get to scrumping!


miranda - September 20

lol...been doing that...this is my 1st month on clomid...and want to make it a successful one!



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