Starting Lupron for IVF
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Terry - December 15

I am nervous about taking injections. I only have to take 2 injections of Lupron and then will start on other meds. to stimulate ovaries. I am so scared. I had an ectopic removed back in February and am just so anxious. Dr. has given me a 40% chance to concieve. Is that good? Please reply....


bj - December 15

Hi Terry. Well, nothing is impossible, so stay positive. I am also on Lupron. I'm supposed to have 4, maybe 6 shots. I go in for my 3rd shot today, so halfway there. Good luck, and remember, stay positive. I'll be praying for you.


Rudi - December 15

Always stay positive. I just did my first IVF earlier this month. I gave myself 2 Lupron injections each day, 2 Follistim injections each day and 1 low dose hcg injection each day. Yes, 5 shots a day. Don't be afraid, think of what the end result could be!!!!


[email protected] - December 29

Please advise if the result in ivf is possitive should we take extra care or what care we should take. Is there any side effect of injections like bloating of stomoch



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