Spotting for a few days after af.
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Megan - January 29

Has anyone else had this? AF started on Monday and I had bleeding Mon, Tues & Wed. Then nothing on Thursday and then I spotted on Friday, Sat and Sun (today). Not enough to be on my underwear, it's only on the tp when I wipe (sorry tmi this early in the morning!). Is this considered "normal"?


MuzikGurl - January 29

Megan, Hi...I had this my last cycle...I had spotting just enoug on tp a few days before AF and then nothing for like two or three days then AF came and then when I thought I was through with AF the spotting came back for a few more days only on tp....I asked my dr. about it and he said it was nothing to be worried about because all it is is your hormone levels going up and down and your brain telling your uterus to shed but, your uterus knows it's not time to shed and therefore you only have very little spotting and only on tp...or something like that...I have PCOS and my periods are not normal so, it makes since to me but, if you have normal periods and regular cycles then wait for next month to come and if it doesn't or same thing happens call your dr. Good luck!


Megan - January 29

Thank you for your reply, you make me feel better already. I was so worried that my whole cycle may be out of wack but now I'll just watch it and see what happens.



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