Rising HCG levels after Ectopic Preg surgery
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TXJen - February 10

I had an ectopic pregnancy and had surgery 2 weeks ago. They were able to save my tube. At that time they also found a considerable amount of endometriosis which they removed. Last week, my HCG levels were 800... this week they have risen to 1700. My doctor wants to monitor them closer, but it has me worried. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Thanks for your help.


NCLynn - February 10

TXJen.....I had an ectopic in September of 2005. I however lost my right tube. During my post op, I asked about that so my RE decided he would do bloodwork to make sure levels decreased and mine did. A girl I worked with was pregnant with twins when she had her ectopic....make sure they monitor you closely. They may not have gotten everything out when they tried to save your tube. You never know. Wish I had a better answer for you.


TXJen - February 11

went to my OB/Gyn after talking to the specialist. She took blood again and got results back Stat. They were at 1000. Making me think that initial levels taken were incorrect. I am going again Monday to the specialist to see what he tells me. I asked my OB/Gyn and she told me that it could be a variety of things and that the worst being that they didn't get all the tissue. Thank you for your kind words and info. I'll post again when I know more. Jen



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