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lori - December 20

I took a pregnancy test and it was 1 line BUT i woke up the next morning and looked at it and then it was 2 lines.I tested 3 times and each time this happened.Does anyone know if this could possibly be the month for me?I have been tcc for 8 months now.I just wonder if this means anything?Has this happened to anyone else before?


Mary - December 20

This happened to me too, I tested and then after 10 minutes I saw a faint line. I got another brand of hpt's to check for consistency among brands. I recommend doing that! And if you are still not sure, call your dr. office and request a blood preg test. good luck!


Mega - December 20

Lori, if there was several hours btwn when you first took the test & then saw the 2 lines, it's possible what you saw was an evaporation line. I hope that's not the case for you though. I agree with Mary, wait another day or so & then call the dr for a blood test. Good luck! I hope this is your month.


Lori - December 20

Thankyou both so much.I dont want to get my hopes up i didnt think i was anyway because i could not be that lucky anyways thanks girls!!!I am still hoping and praying!Thankyou both so much!


Lori - December 20

Does anyone else know?


ashlee - December 20

hey there lori. the same thing happened to me and i was pregnant. at 10 minutes the result showed that i wasnt. half an hour later there was a very faint line. i sorta got a bit excited aboiut that even though the box says 'do not read after 10 minutes as the results can change' it happened again the second day. my tests didnt actually didnt show up a very visible positive until i was 7 weeks.... then i miscarried at 8 weeks. so, yea... either it could be possible lori, or it was just a big coincidence for me. it may just have been evap lines for me and just was too early to tell and in the end i was. i really dont know!! well lori, i hope this helped. i wish you the best of luck! heaps of baby dust to you. make sure u let us know what happens ok. have u missed your af yet??? xx


lori - December 20

No actually i had af dec.9th and it lasted 3 days i am not late.I just took a test because i always do that all through the month i know its a bad habbit.Thankyou so much ashlee that gives me faith i may be!!


Mary - December 20

The month that I had the faint lines was when I had blighted ovum, where the sperm and egg come together but nothing develops. Your body still thinks you are pg (hence the + hpt) but I luckily m/c on my own at 5 1/2 weeks. I still think that you should do the beta hcg (blood pg test) at your doctor if you have doubts regarding the hpt. A lot of women say to follow your gut instincts, so good luck to you again! :)


lori - December 20

I feel pregnant i am not due for af untill the 4th-9th of january so if i dont get af then i will go to doc.


TC - December 21

Lori, you are going to drive yourself insane testing so much. I personally feel like it's way too early for you to be testing since AF isn't due for about two more weeks.


ashlee - December 21

no probs lori. always happy to give someone else a little hope. best of luck!!!


for lori - December 21

What is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test?

Some women can get positive results as early as 10 or 11 days past ovulation, but this is very rare. We do not recommend testing this early as it usually causes great disappointment and confusion and wastes tests. Most results will be negative this early, whether or not you are pregnant.


lori - December 21

Thankyou everyone some much you have helped me to be strong and start waiting untill i miss my preiod if i ever do,before i test.I am a really inpatient person so it is hard for me to do this but it hurts my money and my heart when i see those negetives.I suppose you are all right i should wait until a missed period.


ashlee - December 21

best of luck lori. i always wait until i have missed my period now because i hate seeing that negative line too. but also if i see the neg line before my period is due i think ' well maybe its too ealy so i still could be pregnant' and then i get my hopes up really high (silly me) so when i find out im not i really go down!!! it sucks so yea, im happy you are going to wait till you miss your period. and if you dont miss your period, then you wont have to buy more tests for next month. i didnt buy any tests this month. because i know i would have taken them by now. so im going to wait until my period is almost a week late (if that EVER happens) and then go out and buy them. Let us all know how you go lori ok. we look forward to hearing from you. GOOD LUCK.. may your christmas wish come true!!! xx


lori - December 27

Hi ashlee well i didnt get a positive for christmas but i am still waiting to get one.Af is due jan 5th-9th so i will see what happens then?When is your af due?


me - December 28

In my opinion, you should only test the day AF is due and only wait the recommended time to ensure accurate results. If it is indeed positive, it will show two lines almost right away and not go away. I would not believe the next days results. However, I am rooting for it to be positive, so please don't think I am being mean or anything. I just don't wnat you to be upset if it turns out to be negative. I am hoping for you! Hope you don't get AF! Good luck!


ashlee - December 28

hi lori, my af was due 25th-26th dec. no show yet!!!



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