Progesterone level of 23 on day 21. What does this mean?
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Amysince70 - November 20

Hi everyone! I just got my progesterone tested today and it was 23.1. Anyone ever have a BFP or a BFN with a level something like this? Thanks!


linds99 - November 20

That means you are good to go...that no progesterone problems for you. Good luck in finding out in a few days, (I'd try testing at 11 days post ovulation if you can't wait, I see lots of women get a result by then.) Good luck.


Amysince70 - November 20

So it means that I don't have a progesterone problem....But does it mean that increases my chances of being pregnant? Or that if I am pregnant, I won't have a progesterone problem? Thanks, Linds!


linds99 - November 20

I am cautious about progesterone and the number and pregnancy combo. I've seen women on the forum saying they had low, low progesterone and were pregnant too, so that is why. But I would think that it is very good news at this point for you...I hope you get your positive soon!


chandellina - November 21

hi, it sounds like a normal level but doesn't really give an indication of whether you are pregnant now.


slowpoke01 - November 21

amy i had a progesterone of 20 something once and wasnt pregnant and a progesterone level of 28 and was pregnant(had to terminate because it was tubal) there are really no guarantees that you are or not. sorry i know that wasnt what you wanted to hear. your progesterone levels just tell whether you ovulated or not and anything over 10 means you did so that is great. on a medicated cycle they like for it to be over like 15 or 20 so your progesterone levels are fine but they can say whether or not you are pregnant. good luck


ROBYN - November 21

Amy - thats a good level it means you ovulated it doesnt mean pg or not pg. Anything over 10 is good. Good luck to you.



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