Pregnant with clomid
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Kim - September 5

Hi there, did anyone get pregnant with Clomid first time. I'm 27 and ttc for 6months...I hv irregular periods and my doc gv me clomid. Do u think i can get pregnant. Me and my husband had sex from day 9 till date almost everyday. Last period date 13th Aug....Do u think i can be pregnant now? When can i do a home pregnancy test?


bump - September 8



Cendy - September 8

Kim, you could be pregnant, but probably too early to tell. How many days are your cycles usually? Clomid will lengthen your cycle a bit. Mine went from 28 to 33-34 day in lengh and O on days 15-18. What dosage of Clomid are you on? The first four cycles for me was 50mg and O all cycles, but still no baby, so we upped it to 100mg. I am hopeful it worked this month. As far as testing, I would wait a bit longer than usual since you cycle days may change now that you are on Clomid. What days did you take the Clomid? I took mine on days 5-9. Baby Dust!


Kim - September 8

Hi Cendy, thanks for your reply. As i mentioned earlier i have very irregular periods ..the last one i had was on Aug 13th..that too with a dosage of Provera for 10 days to start my period. And before that my period was in March on the 16th(without provera). I started clomid from 17th Aug till the 21st. This is my first time on Clomid and Im on 50mg. My doc asked me to hv my blood work done on my 21st day of my period which i did on the 2nd Sep. I'm still waiting for a call from her office. I have had sex everysingle day from 21st Aug till Sep 2nd. So do u think i could be pregnant.

Another question i have is...Can a person not have any pregnancy symptoms and still be pregnant? I'm having constipation for the lst 2/3 days....has it got to do anything with my pregnancy?

Many thanks,



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