Possible to get pregnant naturally if...............
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Nadia24 - June 2

my husband has 45% motility? It is supposed to be greater than 49% (according to WHO standards). His sperm count is 41 million/mL, so does mean that 45% of the 41 million are moving (or capable of finding the egg)?

His progressive motility is 36% and grade of motility is a 3 (should be 3-4), so this good or not? Everything else is normal.

I'm kinda nervous. I faxed over the results to my RE since husband didn't do the SA there. The nurse called me back and said that my RE isn't there until next week so she can't tell me anything until she speaks with him and gets his insight. I'm worried!

any info/input would br greatly appreciated!!

thanks in advance.



crystal74 - June 2

Nadia, interesting, but i'm not sure either. I know my hsb has low motility too, but the dr.'s tell us it's nothing to worry about and if he was a donor they would use his sperm. even though it's low motility. i don't understand it all. i'm just thankful we don't have to use a donor. i'm not saying that would be bad, just that i'm glad it'll be my honey's sperm


Nadia24 - June 3

well, that makes me feel a little better. I posted the same question on ivillage and many ladies told me I could definitely get pregnant naturally. We might even consider doing an IUI. But just like you, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that it will be his sperm too. I want so bad to have my husbands child. thanks!


Leilani14 - June 5

Hi Nadia! My DH had sperm issues and we were fortunate enough that his results improved. We got pregnant naturally with far worse results that yours. Your Dh count is great so this slight decrease in motility is really not worth mentioning. And progressive motility is great. Take care and a lot of baby dust


linds99 - June 6

Leilani14 is right... your husband's great count actually cancels out the lower motiliy (which means the sperm swim slower..maybe they are all female?) Anyway, my DH's motility was at 30%...but his count was at 52 million...So you see they are basically the same (great count, but low motility)...and my RE said it is fine. Don't fret about this..as long as the shape and count is good...hooray!



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