PLEASE tell me about your HSG experience. very nervous!
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patty - January 28

i have to go for my hsg . first i am waiting for day 3 of my new cycle to do further testing. can someone tell me what your HSG was like ?--i am so nervous and scared. how long did it last? and on what day of your cycle is it performed? ohhh--and does anyone knew what are the tests performed on day 3 of my cycle? what are they like ?


Angie - January 28

Hello, patty. I had my HSG done in November. It was my Day 8. I was very very nervous, too. The most painful part was when my dr put some dye inside. I was like a menstrual cramp but different. It didn' t take much long though. Maybe 10 minutes or 15 minutes. It was very quick. My result was all normal and everything was functioning right. I advise you to try to take a day off on the day when you get your HSG done, because I felt cramps and dizzy after the procedure all day. All I can say is just relax during the procedure and it will be over soon. It won't be as bad as menstrual pain. Good luck.


Melissa - January 28

Hi Patty! My HSG was in Sept. on day 6 or 7 (can't remember). Definitely try to relax & take some Motrin before your appointment. If you read around the forum some people had okay experiences with HSG & for some it is very painful. For me it was very painful---worse than menstrual cramps. I am very phobic of doctors, though, so I was NOT relaxed at all which I'm sure didn't help. THe good thing is that it is over very quickly...the dye part just lasts minutes, then my doctor looked around with the transvaginal ultrasound for about 5 minutes after she had inserted the dye. The ultrasound is not painful at all. I found out both of my tubes were blocked, and had a LAP a couple of weeks later. I wish you the best of luck---I really think it is a great test to have done! It will help your doc decide what step to take next with you. *Baby dust*


well - January 28

somebody told me it felt like. Good luck!


Ann - January 28

The hsg was very painful for me, even though my tubes were clear and the dr was quite experienced. I would do it again, though, because it is so important to check your tubes. Mine was done on cd7 (af finished but couldn't be pg yet). I was told before that there would be "mild cramping" and that was not correct at all. I drove myself to the procedure and had to drive home, even though I felt disoriented, dizzy, and like I was going to puke. So, I would suggest that you take the strongest thing for pain you have an hour before the procedure and have someone drive you there and home. Take the rest of the day off, if you can. I don't want to scare you, but I do want you to be more informed than I was. I hope you will be one of the lucky ones, be pleasantly surprised, and have no pain at all. Good luck! The day 3 tests are usually blood tests. My dr tested my fsh and estradiol levels on that day. He also ran several other tests on day 3 that didn't require testing on that day, so I would only have one blood draw.


Stacy - January 28

Mine was done on day 10 and it was fine! I had one bad cramp for about five seconds and then it was fine. Even went to aerobics afterwards. Everyone is different but my expierence was fine! Best wishes!


patty - January 28

thank you girls so much for sharing...the scary part is not all the test but then miserabile results ! i keep telling myself to stay positive---but it is hard to stay positive when too many things went wrong.


SashaP - January 28

I had my HSG and a sonohistogram last month I heard alot of horror stories about both. I had my DR give me Xanax so I would careless about what they did and it worked. I had pain with the HSG but would do it all over again in a minute. I had debris in my tubes and it flushed it out I will be starting my 2nd round fertlity drugs this month. Good luck.


BeccaR - January 28

I had my HSG in September, if you have ever had IUI it is a lot the same except they are putting dye in. I have a tilted uterous though (very tilted) so there was some pain. I took some pain meds before though and felt great after. Remember to take a pad in case they do not give you one though because you will discharge dye for a day or two. The best part about the HSG is it tells you about your tubes and if everything is ok it increases your chances of getting pg for the next few months.


patty - January 30

does the dr recommend you to take some pain killers before the exam or should i just take them anyway even if they didnt tell me to take anything .?


Mega - January 30

Hi Patty. Most drs do suggest taking 3 or 4 advil or Tylenol about a 1/2 hour to an hour before hand. Ask your dr if he/she doesn't suggest it before hand. Though I really don't see why it would be a problem to just do it on your own. It really helps take the edge off. For me, I had it back in July on CD8. I was told to take advil about a 1/2 hr before hand which I did. But I didn't count on the 45 min. wait once I got there. But I still think I had enough drug left in my system to take the edge off somewhat. For me, it did hurt during the procedure, but I was fine less than 5 minutes after it was over. I went back to work & felt okay all day. My hubby was out of town that day so I drove myself with no problem. My tubes were clear, which I think doesn't make it as painful as those ladies with tubal blockages. Good luck. Keep us posted. As bad as it can get, knowing is better than not knowing.


Angie - January 30

Patty, my dr recommended me to take some painkiller a couple hours prior to the procedure, and I recommend you to do so, too.



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