Please Help-Baby dancing question
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Cutie - June 21

Hello everyone! Ladies who got pregnant or anyone! Did you have sex every day or every other day and got preggo? My question is: I should be ovulating on 23-24 when should I have intercourse? Every day or every other day? I really want to be preggo and dont know whats best. Please Help. Thanks a lot.


Drew - June 21

Hi Cutie, I read every other day is the best way, but this month we scrapped that and are bding everyday. I sure hope it works!! Good luck!


merlee - June 21

Cutie, Hi, I read that if his count is high then every day gives you a better chance. But if his is on the low side, it's better to bd every other day to build up sperm. We usually bd every other day starting 3-5 days before i suspect a surge ( I have been pretty regular lately) til 1-2 days after i know i o'd. That way we don't really think about "maybe this is it", we just have fun, but with a day between. I think it works better for DH because he knows what to expect, and when. Good luck to us all.



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