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Lynsey - March 5

I came off the pill last june for the first 4 months i had regular periods but then nothing between october and december i finally came on at the end of december. Me and my parter have been trying to concieve but now i have not had a period again since december i did a test last week but negative can i get pregnant without having regular periods?


Mega - March 5

If you are still O despite your very irreg. periods, then yes you can get PG, but of course it's harder to hit the right target days b/c you won't know when you're Oing. Are you charting BBT or using a OPK? Be aware though most likely if your cycles are so irregular odds are you are not O though. Please get tested ASAP. I was in a similar situation when I first started TTC, turned out my irreg. AF was caused by PCOS & Clomid has helped me to O. The only real way to be 100% sure you're Oing is to get a progesterone (day 21) test. Good luck. HTH!


*^%^( - March 9

Hmmm BY THE WAY without a period you DO NOT i suggest you go get some help from a dr. to see what the problem is and why your not ovulating.


to *^%^( - March 9

I think u sound like a very rude and incompassionate person. btw, u can ovulate without a period....the whole point of a period is to shed the lining of ur uterus not the egg..sometimes the egg will die and come out with the lining but u can ovulate without a period.


to whomever you are responding - March 9

I think *^%^ is correct. The whole point of ovulation is conception and when there is no conception there is a shedding of the lining. You have it reversed. It is highly unlikey that a lack of a period indicates ovulation. And last I checked this is a forum of opinions , if you dont like what people say don;t read it.


June - March 9

*^%^( sounds right to me. I have read alot of Information on Webmd and all indicate that without a regular period there is probably no ovulation. I see nothing wrong with what was said in her post BTW. People are so judgemental GEZZ chill out folks!


*^%^( - March 9

I am NOT rude.Im just tired of people giving false hope to people who are struggling. Most things I read on this forum is so WRONG! If you don;t know for sure the answer than don;t give a poor girl who is having such a hard time the wrong answers! You don't know me and you are very judgemental like June said. Get over yourself and get your facts staright you are clearly clueless woman!


June - March 9

Lynsey , I wanted to respond but got cuaght up in the drama LOL...YES YOU CAN ! but irregular or no periods usually indicate no or irractic ovualation. I suggest trying to BBT and maybe go see your OB . Good luck !


DK - March 9

actually you can ovulate w/o having a regular June said it just means you might not be Oing regularly. read Taking Charge of your Fertility by Anne Weischler (i think that's how you spell her name). it has a lot of interesting facts in it. it might take you a while to get pregnant and you'll probably have to chart your temps and use opk's, like Mega said, in order to figure out when you ovulate (or if you do actually ovulate). also you might want to go to a doctor and see if they can put you on clomid or something to help you ovulate more regularly...which will help make ttc easier. well good luck!



You have 'amenorrhea' if your period hasn't come for several months. If you previously had a menstrual period, then you have 'secondary amenorrhea,' and if you have never had a period, then it's called 'primary amenorrhea.'
The No. 1 reason for secondary amenorrhea is pregnancy, and pregnancy as a cause should be excluded first.
If you are NOT PREGNANT then in most cases of amenorrhea the reason for not getting a period is not ovulating (no ovalulation=anovulation).
Cause for anovulation are usually either:

In the ovaries, or
Centrally, in the brain
Other causes of amenorrhea include:
Problems in the vagina, and
Problems in the uterus
Here are the major causes of not ovulating (anovulation):
Pregnancy (the most common cause)
PCOS: Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Emotional stress
Being overweight
Being underweight
Low thyroid (hypothyroid)
Lactation (breastfeeding)
Menopause (the normal age-related end to menstruation)
Premature ovarian failure (menopause before age 40)
Hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus)
Stopping birth control pills ('Post-Pill Amenorrhea')
An elevated prolactin level (may be caused by tumors of the pituitary gland, called prolactinomas)
Endocrine disorders such as Cushing's syndrome (in which there are very high levels of cortisol, an adrenal hormone) or hyperthyroidism (abnormally high levels of thyroid hormone)
Frequent strenuous exercise
Chronic illness, such as colitis, kidney failure, or cystic fibrosis
Chemotherapy for cancer
Cysts or tumors in the ovaries (rarely)
After exluding pregnancy, your doctor will usually do a physical examination and some blood tests (LH, FSH, thyroid, prolactin). In addition, when evaluating amenorrhea, your doctor may also do a progesterone challenge test to see if you bleed after withdrawal.


TO: who wrote the last post - March 10

are you a doctor? if not, then why are you dianosing people? you even state in your post that in MOST cases not having a period is due to do you know for sure that this is what she has? she could very well be ovulating and only having a period every couple of months. why doesn't everyone just let her DOCTOR tell her what's really wrong with her. anyways, everyone is allowed to give their opinion...stop acting like you know everything and assuming that everyone else is wrong. THANKS.


babyluvs - March 10

hey i think there just opinions darling, settle down. everybody is just trying to help in there own little way. we're all going to make great mommy's.


TO: who wrote the last post - March 10

Actually this comes from WEBMD...FROM DR's......I did not write this...I am giving advice and things look out for. SO if you have a problem with people giving advice i suggest you take yourself elsewhere cause thats all these people want advice..Have a nice day !


TO: who wrote the last post - March 10

I copied it for her straight from a dr's point of view. I DO NOT ACT LIKE I KNOW IT ALL AND THAT OTHERS ARE WRONG...i don't see that anywhere from my post...It was purely advice. I think you should really settle down. LOL this is crazy how angry some people can be!


babyluvr - March 10

it is pretty silly. I know your just trying to help. i take all the good advice all of you have to offer. it's good to know i'm not the only one out there having trouble getting pregnant. but yes the fact is that if you really want to know, you should see your doctor


TO Babyluvr - March 10

Yes and It did say something about talking to your dr. in there soemwhere....And there a dozens of reasons as to why shes not having a period.......Good luck to you!



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