PCOS...maybe pregnant? I need your honest opinion!
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Amy - June 27

Hey Girls, please help. I have PCOS and was on the pill for 2 years to regulate. I recently stopped taking the pill so that we could try to concieve. MY periods were regular the past 2 months that I have been off of it and now I have PG symptoms, nausea, backache, moody, stronger sense of smell, some discharge about 2 weeks ago, light spotting after sex once, vivid dreams, thinking of certian foods makes me wanna puke...like whipped cream...one of my faves! I took 2 EPT +/- tests but the results on the first one were to faint we couldn't tell if it was a + or - and today looked like a + still but more like a -. PLEASE HELP??? We want to have a baby, Oh and i am 12 days late!


Amy - June 27

Oh and cramps too...sometimes sharp near ovaries, sometimes subtle


Brandy - June 27

I would have to say then, that you may very well be pregnant, and it's been awhile since you stopped the pill so it's probably not your body adjusting to being off of it. Definately go see you doctor. Any + sign no matter how faint means you are pregnant. GO FIND OUT!!! I am so excited for you...I have been trying for 2.5 years to get pregnant...I am always happy to hear pregnancy stories...it gives me hope.


Brandy - June 27

I also have PCOS, it's awful
Good Luck


marie - June 27

i also have PCOS. im on my 3rd cycle with metformin and clomid. hopfully it will work coz i read a lot of success stories about metformin and clomid.
amy, go to your doctor so that you can be sure if your pregnant. good luck!!


Jill - June 27

If you're 12 days late, your doctor could do a blood test to give you an answer. I have PCOS, also, and am trying to conceive. My doctor said the birth control would only regulate your cycle for a few months after you stop. That's what we'll be trying soon. Good luck!!


Pel - June 27

Amy did you take any fertility herb like ovulex?



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