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CLARE - May 2

Hi I have been TTC i am due on my period on friday, but i am getting menstration pains like i do every month, But can i still get pains like these if i was pregnant.
pls can someone tell me as i am getting so worrried that i wont be pregnant i am so scared that if i do come on friday it will make me so upset again


Melissa - May 2

Hi Clare. When I was pregnant with my first child I experience menstral type cramps. In fact, I didn't even think I was pregnant. I just thought I was going to start my period. But, I don't think all women experience the cramping. I wouldn't stress about it thought, because stressing could cause you not to conceive and not to have your period. And, if you missed your period but tested - it would be devistating and even more stressful (spiral effect). Good luck.


clare - May 2

melissa thanks for the reply, i try not to worry, but i get so confused what apins they cud be cus they seem so similar, hpe i dnt come on my period on friday, but i have to wait and see.


Melissa - May 2

I know how it feels to want it and you're stuck in limbo waiting. It's really hard to focus on normal things. Good luck on Friday.


Clare - May 2

Thanks i need all the luck melissa, hw long did it take for u to concieve


Melissa - May 2

Hi Clare. I conceived my first without trying. We have now been trying for 4 1/2 months for our second though.


Clare - May 3

I guess sometimes its just luck the more harder we try the less we are succeeding. Think we need to relax and let nature take its cause. I am waiting till friday then if i dnt get pregnant all i can do is keep trying and stop worrying about it. How old is your 1st child.
pls keep in touch


Melissa - May 4

Hi Clare. My first child turns 3 is August. I agree. The more we try the less we succeed. :-) The only thing is that it's REALLY hard not to think about it and worry.


Clare - May 4

I agree it is hard not to think about it, i try to keep my mid of it by keeping myself busy.
I guess you also want another child so your 1st child has someone to play with aswell. I hope we all get preg soon. x


Melissa - May 5

We actually want to have 3 or 4. But, if it takes too long to conceive #2 we may only end up with 2 (I'm being hopeful).


Lisa - May 5

Hi Clare, I am always experiencing cramps. My period is due Sunday so I am hoping these aren't period cramps. I usually don't cramp this early. I have been TTC for 13 months now.


Heather1 - May 5

Hi Clare,
I know it's so hard not to focus on it, especially when you know when your due. I cramp from ovulation all the way up to my period and through my period. I have been TTC for a year. I just saw my OB. I am having hormone testing next week. I am regular every 29-30 days. Try to keep yourself busy for the next two days if you can. Good luck. I will cross my fingers for you.


Clare - May 6

Thanks Heather 1.

Im due on today and cus i am at work i will keep myself busy, but i keep getting pains and am so worried.
Can you still have a light period and be pregnant


Melissa - May 6

Clare, you can still have a light period and be pregnant, however the women who have periods while they're pregnant are very few. I asked my doctor and she said while it's possible it's highly unlikely.



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