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COC - March 8

Hi all. Is it possible to be ovulating even though one has no discharge around ovulation time?


Estee P - March 8

Yes, absolutely. Don't let that worry you. But in order to make sure if you ovulate, buy a few ovulation tests and test yourself one month. It will give you peace of mind if you see that one of the tests are positive and there is no cervical mucus/discharge present. My friend got pregnant and she has no discharge at ov time, and I have loads, and I'm not getting lucky, so really don't be concerned about this.


kesha - March 8

no worries girl ... I get NO symptoms whatsoever when I ovulate. So i went to target to buy a test and it said I was when i caculated it out to be... so just get a test to mke sure but most likley you are!


brandi - March 10

i took an ovulation test.it said i was.i hope they work


Tricia - April 8

It does worry be about the ovulation discharge thing. I sure hope you guys are right. please email me if are having the same problem [email protected]


allie - April 12

yes you can be ovulating and not discharge. start checking your temps, go to a site that teaches you basel body charting (BBT) and you will find out for sure after you have ovulated. You must have sex before you ovulate but by charting you will know when u ovulated


COC - April 14

Thanks guys. No luck either this month I'm afraid. Good luck.


Grace - April 14

Please go see your doctor for more accurate evaluation.


brenda - April 14

Hey!!!! Can you ov



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