OPK not correspond with TEMP UP
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OPK Question - October 10

Hey guys. I ovulated on CD 8 (temp has been up consistent since then); however, I OPK'd on CD 8 and it was negative??? Any suggestions or answers??


CJ - October 10

Last cycle I O'd on CD14 and never got a +OPK. I also think this cycle that I am Oing today or about to O and still am getting very neg. OPK's. I don't have a lot of faith in them. If your temps are up I'd say you O'd.


me - October 10

FYI, I was just at my 1st RE appt, and he didn't even look at my BBT charts. He said they are mostly inaccurate and the only way to truly know if you ovulated is through vaginal ultrasounds or if you get pregnant. Just thought I would share.



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