online ovulation tests!
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april - May 19

Does anyone know about the online ovulation test? i started my period april 29 and it last for 5 days exact and the test told me that i was fertile may 14 15 and VERRY fertile16 and ovulating 17 so i had sex everyday on those days and then i took and online pregnancy test and i said i think i conceived the 16 and it said i had a 26% chance of being pregnant i have a home pregnancy test but i am waiting to take it! do u think the online ovulation test really work?


april - May 19

also do u think it is verry possible for me to be pregnant? every day when me and my fiance have sex i keep my hips elevated on a couple of pillows for over and hour relaxed and watching tv do u think i have a verry good chance of being pregnant?


nancy - May 19

Hi april, there are a lot of ovulation calculator but not test, maybe ovulation calculator will help you determine your most fertile days. May i ask how long have you been TTC? Do you have a regular period?Based on my research there is only 25% of chances to be pregnant every month. I also read a lot of info about elevating your hips during or after bd...i guess that will also help the sperm. I just hope that you will be pregnant soon. Have you tried charting your temp? maybe that will also help you. Then use the home pregnancy test when your period is late. I'm also trying to conceive and also charting my temp every morning.


mindy - June 13



melani - June 13

april, did you found out if you are pregnant?


rachael - June 15

i am supposed to be fertile on the 17 well very i have been testing for an lh surge and not appeared yet i am supposed to be on my next period july 1st


anissadonegan - June 22




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