Oing and CM, Help?
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Tiffanie - October 7

Hey everyone,
I need help some with this,ok they say you get egg white cm around O well what if you get it about 3 times a month? I have a 25-26 day cycle bleed appx.5-7 days and as soon as AF stops I get CM,but I've got it right now and AF is due tommorow so why would I have it now right before AF? I also had it about a week ago.Whats the deal and how would I even know when to start using an opk?
Anyone got a similar problem or any advice?
God Bless and baby dust to all!!


me - October 7

OPKs can be tricky. You can actually miss your positive surge if you ovulate earlier than usual. You can usually start using them as the OPK recommends, but like I said you may miss your o date if you tend to have shorter cycles. I get fertile CM before my period too. It has to do with your hormones, but I do not know why we get it. Hope that helps somewhat. Good luck!


Tiffanie - October 7

Thanks me. I've never used one cause everyone tells me it gets expensive,but I'm so frustrated that I don't know what else to do. This is my last month trying and I'm headed to the gyn! Best wishes! Baby dust !



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