Not preg yet; when to start being concerned??
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texas girl - April 20

This is kind of a stupid question, but this is anonymous so what the hell:
I am 35, hubby is 38.
We have been 'not careful' for over a year i.e.. no contraceptives, but not really timing it in order to get pregnant. We have timed it for the right day a few times this year. And nothing yet. Should I be worried that I'm not preg yet? I feel like we haven't technically "tried" for very long, but to be careless and nothing happen for this long does makes me concerned.
How do I know when it is necessary to see the doctor about this??
Thanks in advance for any advice. :)


lyda - April 20

If u go for help a doc will ask for charts for several months to see if in fact u ovulate, how long ur luteal phase is etc. Start charting now, make sure ur having sex BEFORE ovulation not after like some think. Until u actually show u are seriously trying and cant concieve they will start running tests. But dont waste ur time and the docs until u know for sure there is a problem. Most of the time its just bad timing and once u know for sure u are ovulating and do it at the right time u'll probably surprise urself and concieve. If u dont after 1 year of active trying, 6 months of active over 35 then they will see u and make u start charting. So save urself time and just start charting now. Hope i helped some.


texas girl - April 20

makes sense - thanks alot Iyda!!
PS this site is great & informative so thanks to all who answer questions


Kelly - April 20

Hi Texas girl, Lyda is right, however, I am 37 and my doc. did an ultra sound to check everything out and then put me on clomid due to my age, etc. She did not make me chart first. I do not know why. Anyway, I would suggest calling the doc first to see if they make you chart at that practice first so ya don't waste anytime!! Baby dust to ya.....


Justine - April 20

Texas Girl - I'd go to the doctors now. If you're 35 or over the official advice is normally to go to the doctor after 6 months. 85% of people get pregnant within a year and normally you need to try for 2 years before going but your fertility declines after 35. I live in England and the doctor referred me straight away for blood tests and my husband for a sperm test. I was normal for all my tests (loads of them) but my husband had very bad results and so IVF with ICSI was are only option. It took a year to do all the tests and get treatment so you can keep trying while testing. I did my first IVF in Feb - it was horrible (daily injections in my stomach and an operation) but I'm 11 weeks pregnant now though have a blood clot in my uterus so don't know if it'll continue. Normally takes 3 attempts to work which would take another year so you really should get the process started asap. Hope you get pregnant naturally though - a lot more pleasant!



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