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Help - September 30

My husband had a semen analysis done last week and his test came back non motile or no motile sperm seen. Has anyone experienced that and what does it mean?


jo - September 30

nonmotile sperm cannot go through the cervical mucus or penetrate and fertilize the ovum..I guess it mean his sperm is cool.


suggestion - September 30

I would talk to your dr and see if there is any vitamins or drugs your hubby can take to help the sperm. If not, I heard that drs nowadays can remove some immature sperm directly from the testes and mature them in media. Then they can fertilize the egg and have it implanted in your uterus. It would basically be IVF with help to mature the sperm. Talk to your dr about it and see what he says.


Lena - September 30

Non motile (or immotile) means that none of your dh's sperm are capable of moving forward. The sperm may be either alive or dead, though its reare to have a 100% immotile sample w/o all or ahigh proportion of the cells dead. Motility is important because sperm must be able to swim through the fallopian cilium to fertilize an egg. There are be many reasons, either biologically or environmentally, for sperm to be immotile. When I see 100% immotile samples I immediately question the collection method before I assume infertility. The sample is very delicate and force of collection, extreme temperature or temperature changes, elapsed time between collection and testing, cold environment or microscope slide, dirty test equipment... - I could go on and on but I think you get the picture - can cause a sample to be completely immotile. I'd ask about a retest.



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