No Sure what to expect....
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Daniela - February 15

Hello everyone.... you'll have to forgive.. my first time!
It is so nice to see so many women in the same boat .... sometimes... you just feel like you're the only one going through this.
I am 30 and having been trying to get pregnant for 1 year. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Septemeber.... I have had 2 random periods since then. OB/GYN has put me on Clomid.... I start my cycle 5-9 as soon as my period decides to show up.... The doctor said I'm stuck waiting for it to show up..... Should I be taking childrens aspirin with my clomid?? I have seen many different results... but, alot of results even after just 1 or 2 cycles of Clomid. I was never told anything about monitoring... he just gave me 6 months worth.. and told me to make an appointment to go back and see him in 6 months... or sooner if everything works out and I do get pregnant..... any words of wisdom.... any advise.... is greatly appreciated..... thanks and good luck to you all..... :-)


linds99 - February 15

Sorry to say this, but your doctor is WAY irresponsible with you. Knowing you have PCOS, you are VERY susceptible to producing follicular cysts, (too many eggs that don't pop) and they can be worsened if you take Clomid and aren't getting monitored to watch the ovaries. For example, I have PCOS, and I took Clomid 50 mg last July for 5 days. Yes, I ovulated but didn't get pregnant despite producing 5 mature eggs (and a bunch of little guys). However, the next cycle began and I went in to see my ovaries post clomid cycle 1 and there were 2 follciles that never popped from the previous cycle that continued to grow to 36 mm and 23 mm. They are supposed to make you sit out a cycle when this occurs, as it is not healthy for you to conitnue clomid when you have this happen. After sitting out the month, I went back and the cysts were gone and I did two more Clomid cycles, upped to 100 mg, which were not successful for me, but I was producing good mature eggs on it. Anyway, please inquire with your doctor as to why his rational would be to not monitor your ovaries while on this medication. You could be wasting valuable time too by not being monitored, as sometimes, clomid doesn't help women with PCOS produce quality ovulation as it does for other women. Good luck.


Daniela - February 15

Thank you linds99. I will be in touch with my doctor to find out about monitoring.....
Thanks again....


Hannah B - February 15

Daniela, I just wanted to add to Linds' comment that your doctor should monitor you. When we first started trying my OBGYN put us on clomid because I wasn't ovulating or having normal periods. At the beginning we did sonograms to see if I ovulated, but then she stopped after the second cycle. In my third cycle and the other two we only did day 21 progesterone testing to see if I ovulated. I am with a RE now and I am there at least 5 times a month. We do a baseline sonogram on the second day of your cycle, followed by a day 10 and then depending on your method of treatments your visit can vary. I would be worried hearing that a doctor prescribed you the medication for six months worth. I don't think its worth taking the chance. Good luck on talking with your doctor. If you have been trying for a year I would suggest going to a fertility specialist. There primary focus is to get you pregnant vs what the focus is for your OBGYN. Good luck



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