New to OPK's? Need advice.
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RR - September 3

I tried my first fertility stick yesterday night around 11pm. The test line was just as dark if not darker than the control line. I just used another one at 2pm today and the test line is lighter than the control line. What does this mean? Does it mean I am ovulating right now? I have little cramps but not sure if it just achey muscles from the ab workout 2 days ago or a sign of ovulation....
This is just my 2nd month ttc so I'm so green right now. I also read that if you are pregnant that the OPK will continue to show a positive - is this true all the time?


RR - September 3

Just to add - today should be day 13 for me of a 28 day cycle. Reason why it took so long for me to try the OPK was because I ordered them off ebay and just received them yesterday. SO I missed taken them day 11 and 12.


kc - September 3

Yes. You hit your lh surge the first time you tested. After a positive result you should ovulate within 12 to 24 hours. Actually the best days to bd are the days before you ovulate and the day of, so you are still in your window. So get busy and start bding today and tomorrow and what the heck Monday too. LOL. and baby dust.


to RR - September 4

re read the instructions, most say take between 2pm and 8pm. also just fyi i bought some off the internet and they never worked right for me. I started with and have continued with the opk from clear blue easy and have found they have been identicle as what the lab has found ie when bloodwork showed the surge so did my opk test. only drag is price but since the cheap ones on the net didnt work i'd rather pay for the more expensive ones. oh ya always test at the same time each day. try doing temps too and use the two as a combinations. i get a dip in temp right before i ovulate which also helps, and your cervix should be very high iwth the OS opening open. good luck


Anna - September 4

'to RR' is right. do your temps, also. That will give you a better idea if your O'ing or not. I got a ++ OPK and got my hopes up. I thought I was PG, but actually didn't O at all. What a disappointment! If I was able to do the temps, I may have known something wasn't right. Good luck sweetie and *baby dust* to you!


RR - September 5

To Anna, okay I have a silly question now. Can you get positive OPK's and not ovulate? You mean you can get the surge but it is possible that the egg never came out as it was supposed to? I tried my 3rd OPK today and there was barely a 2nd line. Like I mentioned 2 days ago it was as dark or even darker then the control line. Lots to think about eh, I bought a BBT theremometer on ebay so should get it for next cycle (but still hoping something will happen this month).


RR - September 6

Sorry me again - I had what I would call a fade-out pattern with the OPK sticks. I can't find any info on the internet about fade-out so has this happened to anyone else? I took a total of 4 sticks (one each day at 3pm)
and the 1st showed a line equal to or darker, the 2nd it was lighter, the 3rd was barely noticeable but there and the 4th no second line at all. Weird...


D. - September 6

Yes, you can get a positive and not ovulate. Our bodies often go through all the motions trying to O, but not actually release the egg for whatever reason. It may try again later, and more than likely succeed. You need to start testing early enough to get at least one positive OPK. Many of us have multiple positives but it's the first one that we're aiming for if all is working as it should. You will ovulate anytime within the next 12-48 hours, with most of us O'ing around 36 hours later. Some of us will see fade in and fade out patterns, but don't always count on that. It's dependent on the amount of LH we have. And many of us will have a line at all times, because we always have LH in our system.



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