Need to know before 4/2 --how painful is HSG?
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emeliz - April 2

My sister says make sure I bring DH to the appointment with me to help me home. It was that painful for her! (--took 20 minutes that felt like forever, and she had cramping for 10 days afterwards). She said take a vicodin before/after! Then a couple other people said it was no big deal. ??? So what's your experience with this test? DH will come with me if I want but I'd hate to make him travel into NYC that day for nothing (we live in NJ). Is it best to bring him just in case? It's scheduled for 4/2.


Mega - April 2

Hi emeliz! Your sister's case sounds like a rare occurance to me. But then again, if it was that bad for her, maybe your built similar too. Also though, was your sister's tubes open or closed? It's much more painful (usually) if 1 or both tubes are closed, scarred etc. However she could have a low tolerence to pain as well. All things to take into account. In my experience however it hurt (crampy) during the procedure but I was perfectly fine afterwards. I took 4 advil about 40 mins. prior to the procedure. My DH was out of town that day so I drove myself there, & drove myself back again with no problems. Also I had to go back to work afterwards, which I did & felt fine the rest of the day. Good luck tomorrow I hope things go smoothly & your HSG experience is more like mine than your sisters. Let us know how it goes!


tanner789 - April 2

yes i agree your sisters exp is the first i heard of being that painful, im a pretty big whimp and this was nothing. i did take motrin the night before, and morning of felt slight cramping while going on but lietrally the test lasts 5 minutes at the most. i had a great tech too so that helped, i did have my dh go with me b/c i was nervous and i did return to work after. i do know some women feel dif than others on the cramping pain level, but really nothign to worry about best of luck


emeliz - April 4

Thanks for your answers Mega and Tanner. Turns out our new insurance plan doesn't take effect till 5/1, so now I have to wait another cycle before I reschedule the test. (They'll only do it between days 8-10). So I'll have to wait and see how it goes. VERY reassuring that neither of you found i horribly painful. My cousin also said it was no big deal. My sister didn't have any blockage, etc. She does have endometriosis, as do I, but both of us have mild cases and no complications (she had 3 normal pregnancies). Anyway, it will be O time for me next wk., just ordered Pre-Seed and will see if that helps. Baby dust to all ;)


Mega - April 4

Emeliz, sorry they had to delay you another month. Darn insurance! :) Good luck when you do go in for the HSG, though maybe PreSeed will do the trick & you can just cancel the HSG all together. Fingers' crossed!


MsMonet - April 4

I just had an HSG, last Wednesday. I was just like you... I heard so many stories... First of all, you have to go in with a positive mindset. I went in thinking about all of the comments from others regarding the HSG. They left me alone for about 15 min before the procedure... I had to mentally focus on my reason for being there and what my goal was. I want children so I am willing to take what comes my way. When I get preg, I will know that everything was worth it. Your sisters case does sound rare as stated by Mega. Were her tubes blocked? It's suppose to take 10 min the most. Mine took less than that... Some hospitals allow husbands to come in... Can you get a sister or friend to come with you? You may need someone there... At least, I did. DH woul be great but if he has to go into NYC for business or something try to get someone else... Not sure how much pain you will be in... Best to be prepared if you can... When you go into the room, they will explain the entire procedure. If I were you, I would not look around the room too much. I knew if I saw the devices that they were going to use... I'd probably get anxiety. Stay relaxed and remember your goal. They will ask you to lay down, the tech or doctor will clean you up on the outside and inside, he will put the speculum in, insert the catheter which I didn't feel, inflate a balloon which I didn't feel and inject the dye which I felt. I felt strong cramps.... My period cramps have never been that strong. Pls, take medicine before hand... My nurse told me to take 600mg of Motrin which is 3 pills. I took 1000mg which is 5 pills... Bad girl, I know but it still didn't help. BTW, I am not telling you to overdose... Just sharing my story! Lol! My cramps/contractions lasted for about 2 hours... They get better with time. I had spotting for a few days and had to get a similiar procedure 2 days later. I can tolerate alot of pain, btw. Uggghh! Wish you the best... Let us know how everything turns out. :)


Meighen N. - April 5

I had a HSG a few months ago and I have the lowest pain tolerance...not too sure how I am going to handle child Anyhow the HSG honestly was 2mins tops of uncomfortable cramping during the procedure. Then maybe 3 hrs after a really bad period cramp. Its really not that bad. Hope that helped.


kamivy - April 5

Hi, I had a HSG a couple months ago. For me yes it was pretty agonising, but as the girls said, the test only lasts for about 5 mins, and the pain for only a minute. my dh wasn't allowed in with me and i was pretty scared. I found the really painful part is when they are forcing the dye through your tubes. (mine were perfectly normal btw, so it wasn't anything to do with them being blocked.) That REALLY hurt, but it only took like 30 secs tho it seemed a bit longer, and as soon as they finished the pain stopped too. I had some period like cramping for 3 days after and a bit of spotting. Not trying to scare you, jsut being honest. Bottom line is, yes, be prepared for some discomfort but remember it only lasts a minute, count out loud if you have to! and yes it's a little intimidating, but it'll be over before you know it and it's a big step towards solving any infertility probs or other health probs.


Jas112 - April 5

Sorry to sounds ignorant but what is an HSG?


emeliz - April 5

HSG = Hysterosalpingogram - x-ray. The definition/description is somewhere on this website, in the section that lists all the other t.t.c. abbreviations. Thanks for everyone's sharing. I will bring someone w/me for the HSG if I can. MsMonet, that is good advice to stay focused on the goal in order to stay calm. My dr. said take Advil. lol --I'll take whichever's strongest. Hopefully it's fast and shows I'm normal. (My sonogram was normal a few months ago). AND YES, maybe this month of delay will be the lucky month and I won't need the HSG! Good luck to us all!!


GM - April 6

I just had my second HSG within a month. Not to scare you...but the first one could not be completed. The dye just kept coming right back out of me. I was told that probably meant a huge I went for 4 weeks thinking there was something wrong..the catheter that was used was the metal one...looked like a thick wire coat hanger, only straight. And hurt like crazy...and they never even got the dye in me! So then the second one was just 2 weeks a different dr. - they used the balloon catheter. I felt absolutely never hurt, I felt a very small amount of pressure when he was cleaning the cervix area but I didn't feel the catheter go in, or the dye. I watched the dye fill up my uterus as it was happening and I was shocked that I didn't feel any pain...especially since the first one was sooo horrible! End blockage at all! The dr even said "go home and get busy"! :) I will test early next week...praying for a BFP!! Good luck to you emeliz...and anyone else who may be getting one soon. I know you all will be just fine. Let us know!


MsMonet - April 11

Emeliz-Pls, stay focused and know your reason for being there... Be peaceful that morning.... When you are on the table, try not to get tensed up. Keep your legs open and let them finish. Things will move quicker if you stay relaxed!



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