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Meighen N. - March 15

So after being 6 days late and a trip to the Dr for blood work ... I was 100% sure this was it..a baby! But then comes my AF! I haven't been late the whole time DH I have been ttc- 2 years now. Why now- why? My emotions are all over the place. I truely thought this was it...this is so frusterating.


mother2Bsoon - March 15

Hi Meighen - I realize that ttc is very hard on our emotions. But, know that this too shall pass. It has been a continuous up hill struggle for me and my dh. We have been ttc for the past 18 months. I had a similar situation to happen back in October where I just knew I was pg, even had a +hpt. I was completely devastated...we had even told my mom. I was disappointed and my emotions were all over the place. However, I finally realized that God has a plan for me and my dh. One that is to make us stronger and closer to Him. When you are down in the dumps like this, the only one that can give you that Perfect Peace that passes all understanding, it is God and only He can give you. I will pray for your peace of mine. I know it is hard, but believe me you will make it through. Many baby blessings to you!!!


trying4pg - March 15

Hi Meighen - I am so sorry that you are frustrated. I would be too. Sometimes it feels like your body plays weird mind games with you - it seems to do that at some point or another with everyone. Just tell yourself that you are being proactive about getting pregnant and that ovulation is only about 14 more days away...then there we go again! Best of Luck to you!


sososleepy - March 16

I'm sorry Meighen. Hang in there!


marymo - March 16

Sorry Meighen, its frustrating. Hopefully next month will give you your BFP!!! Good luck, and dont give up hope, okay??? Take care.


yam - March 27

Hi Meighen i am so sorry.That same thing happen to me twice and i feel the same way.Do not worry too much just keep the faith.I am doing the same here.I wish best of luck.


me - March 27

Have you done any testing since you have been trying to 2 years? Just wondering. Stay positive! It will happen for you! It took me 11 months with PCOS to conceive, so it can happen!


yam - March 27

yes i did all the test they cost me all my penny and every thing is fine with all the test result .May be i wait too long my only child is 16 march 2 2007.



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