need some advice about when to take first clomid tablet!
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KellyA - May 28

I am supposed to take Clomid days 3-7. Last night (Friday) I begin to spot, then around 11:00 I went to bathroom and wiped red (cramping really bad too). This morning when I woke up af begin flowing. Should I count Friday as day 1 or today as day 1? I thought about counting Fri. as day 1 and taking the clomid Sunday night versus Sunday morning. Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing, but I just want to be sure I take it correctly! Thanks!! Oh yes, I am also very proud to say that I started af on my own! I normally have to take Provera, but not this time!! I am so excited about that. Just thought I would share...


hello - May 28

great news kelly count it as day 1 i did and luckly enough the clomid worked 4 me and im now over 3 months pregnant xxx good luck babe and the key is to have sex everyday x


Drew - May 28

Hi Kelly. I started Clomid on cd 3-7. I was told the first day of your cycle is when there is full blood, not spotting. So if yor af started full this morning, you would start on Monday. This is all so confusing huh? Good luck, hope this works for you!



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