menopause or pregnant?
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Terri V. - November 21

I've been trying for 5 yrs to have our 2nd child. I have done IVF twice. Now I am 42, and have missed my period for the first time. The home pregnancy tests are negative. Could I have missed due to early menopause, or could I reall be pregnant?


brenda - March 8

i have the same question. i have not had a period since november of 2005 and i am 43 years old.


liz - March 8

go in and get your fsh level on cd 3 checked and see what your number is.If its higher than 15 your nearing the end of your eggs, if its over 20 you'll have to use a donors egg and if its even higher it means your probably near menopause.


Mega - March 8

Hi Terri V. If you're normally regular it is very possible that you're PG but it's a little early for a + result, or you're not yet producing enough Hcg, etc. I'd suggest waiting a couple more days & then getting a beta test at your drs, that tends to be a bit more reliable than HPTs. How late are you now? If the Beta test is neg., then like Liz said, it's probably a good idea to get the FSH test on CD3 of your next cycle. Good luck, I hope you get good news soon. Please keep us posted.


Allen - March 31

Sme as me I missed my period almost 3 months, already urine test by the Dr. and turn negative, my doctor gavr me a pills so i can get my period, but still not there. so he told me that I might be early menopause, he told for me to do a ultrasound in pelvic.



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