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Jas112 - March 14

Good morning everyone, i have an idea which you might like....we are all in the same boat as we know all on our 2ww now... how about we make a list of when we are going to test so that we can cheer everyone on as the month goes by.....also we can keep track of who is next :)


So ill start,,,,,,

Jas112 --- IUI on 9th to test on the 23rd March


KayteeLeanne - March 14

is this just for woman who are doing IUI.. or can woman doing Clomid cycles able to join also?


jg - March 14

I say anyone can join! I have 2 days (Friday 16th) to test - that will be 15 days past IUI.


Jas112 - March 14

Anyone can JOin...... I would say anyone who is going to test in March then we can do another one for every month :D

So now we have

Friday 16th- jg
Friday 23rd- Jas112


KayteeLeanne - March 14

ok.. well im suposed to be testing on tuesday the 20th.. that'll make me cd30 atleast i think thats whats goin on t my apointment lol..if not i'll test myself.. so either way the 20th!


Jas112 - March 14

Friday 16th --- JG................Tuesday 20th---- KayteeLeanne..................Friday 23rd---Jas112


mother2Bsoon - March 14

Hi Ladies! I am taking clomid 50MG cd5-9. I am on cd 16 and should ovulate in a couple of days(yeah!). I will try my best to hold out to test on March 29th:-). Many baby blessings to all!!


chele - March 14

Hi everyone! IUI 3/13 & today... able to test on 3/26.. not sure if I will wait longer. Good luck ladies!



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