Lower Abodominal 8-10 days before menstration
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marge - March 22

Hi There

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now with no luck. The thing that bugs me is that I get a really bad pain im my lower abdoment (middle part) usually 8-10 days before I get my period. I think 8 days is too short if I was ovulating. Now, usually my period cycle is upto 28 days. So this means that I will ovulate around about the 14th day. I'm not sure if the pain is due to me ovulating or it just the lining trying to shed. The pain is really bad but my doctor told me to just take panadol. Has anyone else have this problem.

Could someone reply please if they are able to help me...


marge - March 22

in addition to the above..my pain lasts for 30 mins to an hour. the pain usually is in the middle of the night..and id wake up with really bad pain...then as soon as i wee the pain usually subside...i dont know what it is..


anna - March 22

I have similar situation. But mine is not sharp pain, is dull kind, but is constantly there from 5dpo-7dpo almost every month. Now what I am thinking is, would that because progestron peak 5dpo-9dpo cause more blood flow to uterus and the lining also peakly thickened during that time. But that just my guess after giving a lot of thingking. I have an appointment with infertility doctor next month, I will ask him then.


marge - March 26

thanks ana for ur input!


Kristen - March 29

I was having those pains and my doctor told me that I needed to take half of the dose that I am currently taking because when it hurts really bad like that the ovaries are over stimulating which can cause no ovulation


Beth - March 29

Marge, has your dr. mentioned anything about possible endometriosis??!!


mary ann - April 20

i given birth 6 weeks ago. i wann know when will i have my menstration period be back again becuase as much as i want i want to start taking birth control pills on the 1st day of my period. i dont wann to get pregnant again. i had a vagina delivery. for a month i breastfeed my baby but two weeks ago the reproduction of my mill stopped already. my baby now is 100% dependent in infant formula.


marge - April 22

nope they never said that i have endo..however they think i have primary desmenoria...


Emily - April 23

We have been trying off and on for about the same amount of time. I usually get the same pain you get about 14 days before my period. I usually take a warm bath and that dulls the pain.



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