Looking for TTC Buddies, On CD 26 as of 3/17/06, anybody????
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kare21162 - March 18

I am on CD 26 and AF is due on the 20th of March. Does anybody want to wait with me I could sure use a buddy right now. Haven't been trying to concieve for very long, but have been haveing unprotected sex for almost 3 years.


Nicole8 - March 18

ahhhhh....someone else on day 26! How fun right??? You're lucky though, I have a much longer cycle....about 39 days here lately. We've been REALLY TTC for 9 months. I purchased the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and used it for the first time this month. We're hoping and praying that all that bd pays off this month! Good luck to you in your last couple of days! Are you against an early testing???


andalvy - March 19

Im on CD 26 today, and AF is due on the 21st. I have been ttc off and on for 11 yrs with no luck. It is so hard sometimes! Im going to test tomorrow morning with an early result kit. Wish me luck!


kare21162 - March 19

NICOLE ~ Today, the 18th I am on CD27. My cycles are usually longer than 28 days, but I've had some 28 day cycles and I've had a 26 day cycle. But usually it is 30-32 days on average. This monday the 20th is if I have a normal 28 day cycle. No, I'm not against an early testing. I just want to wait maybe 2 weeks past the time that I figure my AF is going to be here, or else I just feel like I wasted money when I could of waited a little longer. It's funny, when I take a PG test, my AF usually comes the day after or a couple days after. So that is another reason why I want to wait. ANDALVY ~ Good luck with your PG test. **Babydust**


NicoleG - March 19

Good luck ladies. I am currently on cycle day 14. I am using the Clear Blue monitor too. I also had an HSG this month..they say chances are better after the test. We shall see!


Andrea21 - March 19

Hi everyone.I am on cd 15. ttc for 21 months now. Was diagnosed with pcos, partially blocked left tube, 7 failed clomid cycles and 3 failed IUI's, ttc naturally this cycle and taking prenatal vitamins and ovulex. Hopefully this is my month and I have my baby in my arms for christmas this year.Has anyone in here tried ovulex and gotten pregnant?
Babydust to all ttc...


Dee - March 19

Hi- I am on CD23 AF is due March 23. kare21162 I'm with you I try to avoid taking a test if possible b/c my af always arrives the day after I test. I will hold out as long as I can. I have been ttc about 6 months give or take a month.


Nicole8 - March 19

kare~~I know exactly what you mean about AF popping up only moments after testing.....arrrrrgh! But hopefully you don't have to worry about AF for something like 9 months! Keep us posted! ANDREA~~I ordered a 3 month supply of Ovulex about 5 months ago....I took it for 2 months and was very unhappy with it....Before I took the Ovulex, I had a VERY regular cycle (29 days without fail since the age of 13)....Now, my cycles are anywhere from 32 to 40 days. I had to purchase the Clear Blue Monitor just to know what was going on with my cycle. I'm not saying this happens for all who take Ovulex, but my experience with it was unpleasant to say the least....I feel like it has made it that much harder for me to get my little miracle! Good luck to you all!!!


kare21162 - March 20

My theory is, don't take any kind of fertility blend unless it is prescribed by your doctor, because you never know. There was this on woman on here that swore that Ovulex burned her from the inside out and that she can't have children because it destroyed her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She could have just been saying that to get everybody all fired up. I'm trying to do it "all natural", I am taking Pre Natals and Flax Oil, until my period comes then I will be taking Pre Natals and Evening Primrose Oil. They say that you don't want to take Evening Primrose Oil after you ovulate because it can cause uterine contractions and that could make it hard for you to get implantation. Yeah I'm on CD28 today the 19th. If I have a normal 28 day cycle, but I don't have any PMS symptoms yet, so probably in the next couple of days. I'm probably not pregnant, because I think that I would notice something different, especially in my boobs, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. But you never know.......


kare21162 - March 21

Everybody needs to get the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor off EBay, of course the new sealed ones.


kare21162 - March 22

Is anybody still around??? I'm on CD31 as of 3/22. Boobs are sore as usual when AF is coming. So I'm just waiting it out.


Dee - March 22

kare21162 have you tested yet? You said your CD is usually more than 28 but how much longer?? I always start on CD 27 and today is the day still no AF keep your fingers crossed for me? No major symptoms tender bb's and light cramping off and on not like AF though and I havent started spotting yet. Normaly I spot a day or two before AF.


Nicole8 - March 23

KARE~~I'm still here....just really busy lately...I'm with you....day 31! I agree with you about everyone getting a Clearblue Fertility Monitor....they are AWESOME! I felt like I was guessing before and now I know what's going on....it's soooo comforting. Kare & Dee this could be our month!!!!!! Keep me posted ladies!


britneyhayden - March 23

hey kare just i was just browsing around and i saw that you have been trying to win a cbefm on ebay i got mine off ebay with 60 test strips for 160 dollars an thought it was a good deal and the person i bought it off was great and got it in 2 days and its a buy it now option you dont have to bid so just thought id post the link for you girls if interested good luck!!! http://stores.ebay.com/j-deels


kare21162 - March 23

Thank god that you guys are still here :) CD32 today and AF showed up. I don't think that we were bd'ing around the right time. I bought a ClearBlue Pregnancy test today, I got two for $10 at wal-mart. So I figured I better get some now and save them. I'm trying to get a CBEFM, but everytime I bid somebody else does right after, so I'm waiting until the last minute to do it. Maybe I will get lucky. I hope so, we need it so I know when to test because I told my fiance that I don't know when I ovulate and the OPK's get expensive and the monitor is a one time buy, and all you have to do is buy test sticks and they come in a 30 pack instead of a 7 pack. Plus there isn't any trying to predict if it's positive. So I'm excited, I just got paid today so I can afford to spend a little on the CBEFM. Well wish me luck girls, I'll tell you if I got it later on tonight. Bellyrubs and Babydust.


Nicole8 - March 24

kare~~sorry to hear that AF paid you a visit. You should know that after CD 5 you can't set your monitor for that cycle....you have to sit it out for a cycle. This is the reason I opted to buy my monitor from the pharmacy. It was a little more expensive, but I knew that I was getting the real deal and I got to use it right away. I'm CD 32 ladies.....only a few more days left in my LONG cycle! Think of me......I'll keep you all posted!!!


kare21162 - March 25

I finally got a CBEFM yesterday for $100 brand new. So hopefully they shipped it off today. Then I could get it by CD5. I hope it comes this Monday. If not then I will just have to try this month and if it doesn't work then next month I will use the monitor.



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