Long Luteal Phase...PLEASE HELP!!!
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Dina - June 15

My husband and I have been ttc for about six months after a m/c. I purchased the clearblue easy digital fertility monitor...no luck yet! Every month I check an online ovulation calendar and type in a 32 day cycle and luteal phase of 16. (that is what I think I am) Then I start the monitor and I also use ovulation tests as back up and it seems like I have a luteal phase of about 18 days. Obviously I trust the monitor and not the calendar, and ttc when I see a surge, but doesn't that seem long?
My question is (and sorry for the lengthy story) is 18 days a long luteal phase and should that concern me in anyway? Does that make it harder to conceive?
PS. Before my m/c my cycle length was 30 days and luteal phase of 14 (average) and I got pregnant the 2nd month trying. Why did m/c change all of that? Has the long luteal phase been the reason I have not been able to conceive?


Nena - June 15

At least you do ovulate on your own. It was just the wrong time you TTC before knowing your O day. Now that you know, you work on this issue ;o). Myself, no ovulation on my own but now I am on HCG shots and my ovaries reacted well. Today I am going for scan u/s to see how they follicles developing Baby dust to all of us :o)


Dina - June 15

I have known when I ovulate for several months with the help of the monitors. I was just wondering if a long luteal phase can slow things down or reduce your chances of conceiving. I am sorry, Nena, that you are having to go through all that. Good luck to you. Can someone still help me understand if a long luteal phase is related to not being able to conceive! I am confused because the first time we ttc it took two months and now, after m/c, it is taking six. I am just frustrated and looking for advice!


hi - June 15



Alissa - June 15

Dina>> I have read that it can affect it...if to long the body will throw it away if to short it does not know what to do..But I have always had long periods and all over the place periods and I have a 3 year old it took along time but it happend. Fertility Friend.com help me. try there :> good luck


Dina - June 15

Thanks for the advice Alissa!


Dina - June 16

Anyone else have any advice? I need it!!!


bump - June 17



K - June 17

A long luteal phase can indeed affect your fertility. I also suffered a miscarriage and am trying to conceive again. However, I do have 2 children and have always ovulated on day 18 or 19 (on clomid), I carried them fine, but became pregnant without clomid the 3rd time and m/c. You may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance since this is a change for you. You may want to look into Vitex, it is a herbal supplement that treats long luteal phase. Good Luck!


peacesarah - July 10

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