Ladies this is d. Please read
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d - January 14

If anyone lives in NJ or knows people in NJ. Can you please email them this link. This is my mothers dog that went missing on 1/11. My mother is heart broken. She ran out in the middle of a thunderstorm and we can't find her anywhere. Thanks for looking at this.


d - January 14

I know you all know about my dog having cancer and my ttc issues. Still waiting for the 17th. Baby Dust to all.


d - January 14

please read


Mavis tench - January 14

what does this have to do with pregnancy?


d - January 14

mind your business then. i talk to the woman on here all the time with my and theirs ttc. thank you


to: mavis tench - January 14

Have a heart. We are all friends trying to help through the tough times whether its fertility problems, death in the family etc...
If you can't show some compassion to someone then you don't belong on this forum. No one needs your help. Get lost.


d - January 14




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