just diagnosed with PCOS, very thin, confused
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kristina - January 5

hello ! i'm writing because i've been diagnosed with PCOS however im very healthy and thin. i eat really well, don't drink at all, don't smoke and exercise lots. so my question is, how does the insulin factor of PCOS work for me ? my insulin levels in blood work were fine but testoterone very high. so is there any hope of anything other than clomid for me ? losing weight is not an option. my next appt is in 2 weeks to discuss what's next, but any info would be greatly appreciated ! thanks !


jcr - January 5

Are you ovulating regularly? My RE explained to me that PCOS is a syndrome. It reads like a menu where you check things off. So not everyone has the same symptoms. I have heard that femara works for women that do not have the weight issue. I am taking 1500 metformin and have been doing acupuncture and chinese herbs. I just got confirmation that I did ovulate last month. So it appears to be helping me. Just a thought. Goodluck!


angieLA - January 5

hey, i'm in the same boat as you. I'm not overweight, but i do have PCOS. my doc explained that the actual PCOS is just polycystic ovaries. everyone has diff symptoms. i don't ovulate and im progesterone deficient. i tak clomid, estradiol and progesterone every cycle. i concieved in august but miscarried in october due to other reasons, so there is hope for you and me and everyone


me - January 5

I had PCOS diagnosed in August with all my bloodwork completely normal. No insulin resistance, nothing. There was no known reason for my PCOS. I used to have high testosterone levels and was on Aldactone to suppress it, but my RE took me off it since it interferes with the normal O cycle. He was going to put me on clomid to get me to ovulate, but I had a cyst so he didn't. I don't think putting you on a supression med will help you get pregnant. Clomid is supposed to be good. You could go on a birth control pill to help regulate your body for amonth or two and see if that helps your PCOS. Sometimes it just suppresses it though and comes back after the pill is stopped. I know I don't have much advice for you, but I can at least give you hope...because I am a former PCOS patient and 3 months pregnant. Best of luck to you!



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